What percentage of the monies raised go to administrative fees?

NONE. The Seattle Times covers all administrative fees to ensure that 100% of the monies raised are disbursed to the 13 benefiting agencies.

Why is Blackbaud asking for a 10% donation for processing fees?

Blackbaud, the platform that manages our online payment system, recently implemented a suggested 7-10% donation to cover their processing fees. This fee is OPTIONAL. You may decline the fee by either unchecking the blue checkbox or selecting $0.00 from the dropdown prior to entering your payment information. This suggested donation applies to online donations only.

  • Donations equal to or less than $9.99 – donors can select $0.00 from the dropdown prior to entering credit card information
  • Donations between $10 and $499.99 – donors can uncheck the blue checkbox prior to entering credit card information
  • Donations between $500 and $2,999.99 – donors can uncheck the blue checkbox prior to entering credit card information
  • Donations over $3k – N/A

I want to mail my donation. Where should I send it?

You can mail a check or money order to P.O. Box C11025, Seattle, WA 98111-9025 (payable to The Seattle Times Fund for Those in Need).

I would like to make a donation via the phone. Who do I call?

We prefer donations be made via our website or U.S. Mail. However, if you would feel more comfortable making your donation over the phone, please contact Ha Nguyen in our Finance department at 206-652-7584.

Will my personal information be sold to a third party?

No. We will never share or sell donor information with third parties.

Will my personal information be shared with the 13 benefiting Fund for Those in Need agencies?

No. We will not share your information with any of the benefiting agencies.

I receive an error when I try to make a donation online. What should I do?

Double-check that your expiration date and/or CVV code (the three-digit code on the back of your card) are correct. Also, ensure that all of the required fields have been completed. If you are still receiving an error, email ffn@seattletimes.com and state your issue, name and phone number, and someone from our Finance department can look into it.

My agency would like to be considered for Fund for Those in Need. How do I apply to be a beneficiary?

Sorry, we do not have immediate plans to add beneficiaries.

How were the 13 benefiting agencies selected?

The Fund is an established group of agencies designated by the Blethen Family (the owners of The Seattle Times) and a few members of our executive team.

My employer will match my donation. What is The Fund for Those in Need’s EIN/tax ID?

Tax ID: 91-1081445

Official full legal name:  SEATTLE TIMES FUND FOR THE NEEDY

Is my donation tax-deductible?

The IRS has recognized The Seattle Times Fund For The Needy as a 501[c][3] organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Tax ID: 91-1081445

When will I receive a tax letter for my donation?

For donations of $250 or more, a tax letter will be mailed to the address on file by January 31. If your donation is under $249 and you would like a letter for your donation, please send a request to ffn@seattletimes.com with your full name and donation amount.

How do I know that my donation was received?

If you made your donation online via our website, an automatic email confirmation will arrive shortly after your donation has been submitted. If you cannot locate it, be sure to check your junk mail folder. If you do not receive anything within 24 hours, email your information to ffn@seattletimes.com and we can verify for you.

If you mailed or faxed in your donation, note that we can no longer generate confirmation letters for mailed or faxed donations. If you would like to verify that your donation was received, please email ffn@seattletimes.com or call Ha Nguyen at 206-652-7584 with your name, contact information and donation amount and she’ll be happy to verify it for you. If your donation was for $250 or more, a tax letter will be mailed to you no later than January 31.

Can I designate my donation to one specific agency?

No. We are unable to designate donations to any one agency. If you would like to donate to a specific agency, we recommend going directly to their website to make a donation.

I want to donate to The Fund in honor of a loved one as a gift. How will they know I did this?

On the “DONATE” page, select the option to have your donation published in the newspaper and online. There is an optional field to type a personalized message.

Will my donation amount be published in the newspaper and online?

We will only print the donor name (OR a personalized message) if the donor selects the option when filling out the donation form. If you don’t select it or type a message, your information will not be published.

When will my message be published in the print newspaper?

We publish donor lists every 1-2 weeks. If you are looking for a specific newspaper or date in which your name will be published, please email ffn@seattletimes.com. We make best efforts to publish these in a timely manner, but run dates are subject to change.

How are the funds divided among the 13 benefiting agencies?

We are unable to disclose how the funds are dispersed. A full 100 percent of the donations we receive are distributed to the 13 benefitting agencies.

I would like to make a stock donation. How do I do that?

Please email us at ffn@seattletimes.com with your request and we will have someone from our Finance team provide you the necessary information

I make a recurring monthly donation to Fund for Those in Need, and I need to update the credit card that is used.

Please email ffn@seattletimes.com and tell us your information needs to be updated. Be sure to include your name, email and phone number in your message. Someone from our finance team will call you to get your information updated.

My business / organization is interested in partnering with Fund for Those in Need for fundraising. Who can I speak to?

Send an email to ffn@seattletimes.com and someone from our marketing department will get in touch with you.