Meet some of the people your donations have helped.



Baby Elin defies the odds

Elin was born a happy and seemingly healthy child, but soon after birth, she turned a purple, dusky color. Her mother worried her baby wouldn’t make it out of the hospital alive. Elin had a rare birth defect that affected her brain, hindering her ability to move. Her parents brought her to Kindering for help.

After comprehensive therapy, Elin was able to sit up, then kneel, then stand. ”Having a child with special needs is difficult,” her mom says. “Kindering is able to give us the tools we need. If our family didn’t have this resource, I’m not sure where we’d be.”

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

Ann gets help raising her grandchildren

A single grandmother on a fixed income, Ann didn’t expect to be raising children again. But when Dante, 5, and Ashton, 1, were removed from their parents, Ann took over. She was embarrassed to accept help from the Salvation Army, but once she was there, she felt welcomed.

The children received food, clothes and Christmas toys, along with much-needed diapers. Since then, they’ve been given further assistance, including age-appropriate clothes and toys. Now, Ann sometimes just goes in for a hug. “It’s the generosity,” Ann says about the Salvation Army, “and the knowledge that I’m not in this alone.”

Youth Eastside Services

Youth Eastside Services

Xander gains inner strength.

When Xander first came to Youth Eastside Services, he was overwhelmed with anxious thoughts about his future, and had trouble making friends. But with the help of his therapist, Xander’s path changed.

Through his consistent efforts, self-exploration and counseling, Xander learned to restructure his troubling thoughts and worries.  He’s made new friends, improved communication with his parents and is feeling more confident. “Xander has been a joy to work with,” says counselor Justin Daigneault, “He’s on a great path to success”

Sound Generations

Sound Generations

Greater independence for Ms. Johnnie.

After her husband passed away, Ms. Johnnie became fully dependent on her daughter, Theresa. Though she still embodies Southern charm at age 93, Ms. Johnnie has advanced dementia and mobility issues. Caring for her is a full-time job.

For with the many demands of caregiving, Theresa frequently turns to Sound Generations’ Caregiver Support program. Their advocates connect her with many resources, including Sound Generations’ Minor Home Repair program, which helped the family install a rail in the hallway so Ms. Johnnie can get around more safely.



A simple gift transformed Tash’s life

When she was in the eighth grade, foster child Latasha (Tash) received a camera through Treehouse’s “Holiday Magic” program. This small but meaningful gift changed her life forever. Tash is now a professional photographer, and travels the country with her husband capturing what she calls “visual heirlooms.”

“I didn’t get a lot of Christmas gifts,” she says, “so that first camera was a huge deal.” The Treehouse program that helped Tash has grown to provide more than 5,000 children with gifts like cameras, bikes and tablets during the holidays.



Annie and her family triumph over trauma

A home life in chaos and days of constant hunger led 15-year-old Annie to join a gang. Soon after, she became pregnant, reaching her breaking point after giving birth to her second child. She turned to Wellspring Family Services to escape crime and violence, and to give her kids a better life.

A trained, sensitive Wellspring staff member listened. She helped Annie and her family tap into their own resilience and strength. With the help of Wellspring Family Services, Annie and her two daughters got the coaching they needed to develop a more stable life, a transformation that continues today.

Atlantic Street Center

Atlantic Street Center

Gabriana overcomes homelessness and instability.

Gabby had grown up in an environment impacted by substance abuse and incarceration before becoming a mother at age 15. Homeless at the time, Gabby enrolled in Southlake High School,  where she discovered Atlantic Street Center’s Teens as Parents Program (TAPP).

The comprehensive program provided her with case management, guidance and support, immersing her in a positive environment. She graduated from high school and received scholarships to continue her education. Now, Gabby is a woman on the move. She’s college-bound, employed with Atlantic Street Center and enjoying her new, stable home with her four-year-old son.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Bahja and Sarah bond over coffee

For over 60 years, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Puget Sound has made meaningful, monitored matches between adult volunteers and children, like Sarah and Bahja.

Bahja had a difficult life even after she was matched with her Big Sister Sarah. When Bahja ran away from home, Sarah was the first person she called. As Bahja struggled to get her life together, Sarah remained a source of support. The two attended a local Starbucks open house for Big Brothers Big Sisters, where Sarah helped Bahja fill out an application. Bahja was hired, and now plans to attend community college while working full-time as a barista.

Asian Counseling and Referral Service

Asian Counseling and Referral Service

Ittikorn works toward self-sufficiency.

A highly-skilled professional in his native Thailand, Ittikorn came to Seattle to give his one-year-old son a better future, and to care for his aging mother. Through a comprehensive program called Ready to Work, Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS) helped him enroll in English and digital literacy classes, and overcome barriers limiting his potential.

While he cooks and washes dishes at a Thai restaurant, Ittikorn is working on transferring his professional and educational credentials so he can resume his architecture and design career in the United States.



James finds his voice

When James came to Childhaven as a toddler, he could only communicate by crying, shouting or using physical aggression. A nonverbal child who had experienced great hardship in infancy, he spent most of his time standing in the corner, quietly holding a toy car.

James began working with a Childhaven speech therapist. A steady routine of therapeutic play was established, and he slowly began to interact with his peers. Today, James loves playing with other kids, and no longer needs speech therapy. One of his first words was the name of his Childhaven teacher.



A real home for Tapeka.

By the time she turned to Hopelink for help, Tapeka had lived through unspeakable poverty and violence. She hit rock bottom when she realized that “going home” meant crawling into the car she shared with her family.

A short time later, they moved into Hopelink emergency housing; an apartment Tapeka described as “the first real home” she’s known as an adult. Later they found a home at Compass Housing at Ronald Commons. Tapeka plans to take GED classes at the Hopelink center next door, and ultimately start her own nonprofit to help women trapped in similar circumstances.

Kent Youth and Family Services

Kent Youth and Family Services

A better family life for Luis.

Luis came to Kent Youth and Family Services feeling anxious and stressed. He’d been fighting with his parents and his grades had dropped. His parents had threatened to send him to live with his grandparents if things didn’t improve. Counselors created a list of goals for Luis to work on, and role-played conversations he wanted to have.

Luis shared his goals with his parents, and expressed his needs. He also worked hard on his grades. After several months, he reported that his mood has improved, and that counseling had helped him feel better understood by his family.

The local community agencies supported by the fund.

Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS)

Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS)

ACRS provides an array of support and behavioral health services to Asian and Pacific Islander populations in a multicultural, multilingual setting.
Atlantic Street Center (ASC)

Atlantic Street Center (ASC)

ASC provides anger management, counseling and parenting classes that help transform the lives of many young people who need support and direction.
Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters works to match local volunteers with children who need one-to-one relationships with caring adults.


Childhaven comes to the rescue of abused and neglected children with intervention, love and healing, as well as benefiting the community by changing human lives scarred by violence. It offers drug-affected babies and toddlers uninterrupted foster care and therapeutic day care.


Since 1971, Hopelink has helped homeless and low-income children, families and seniors, as well as people with disabilities.
In addition to operating food banks and an emergency shelter, Hopelink provides transitional housing, counseling, child care, transportation and adult literacy training.
Kent Youth and Family Services

Kent Youth and Family Services

KYFS provides professional counseling, education and support services to children, youth and their families in our community, developing innovative programs that meet the evolving challenges of our diverse community in culturally sensitive ways.


Kindering Center is a birth-to-age-three early intervention program providing individualized, family-centered services for children who are disabled, medically fragile or vulnerable because of abuse or neglect.
The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

With practical compassion, The Salvation Army helps provide basics — housing, utilities, food and clothing — that get people back on their feet. They also provide extras that brighten hearts, like holiday meals and toys.
Sound Generations

Sound Generations

Senior Services is dedicated to providing information and services for older adults and their loved ones. Through programs like Meals on Wheels and neighborhood senior centers, Senior Services is working to make King County a better place to age.


Since 1988, Treehouse has helped kids in foster care through programs that help them succeed in school, fulfill key material needs, and provide important childhood experiences that every child deserves.


Wellspring Family Services strengthens families by providing a variety of counseling-based services, including child care and resources for homeless families and education and treatment for batterers to end the cycle of domestic violence.
Youth Eastside Services

Youth Eastside Services

Through counseling and community outreach, Youth Eastside Services helps young people and their families overcome drug and alcohol issues, avoid teen violence, pregnancy and suicide, and resolve family conflicts.

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  • Pat, Jo, Zach & Lauren McKay
  • Marcia Ray Liaw
  • Richard Morris
  • Steve DeHaven
  • Charlene Meins
  • Ken Anderson
  • Fredrick Ervin
  • William Pokorny
  • Mary O McWilliams
  • Douglas and Eva Whitworth
  • Michael G Katze
  • Robert and Connie Blair
  • Eric & Bonnie Matson
  • Thu-Cuc T Luong, 3063054
  • Jeffrey and Janet Stroebel
  • jerry meenk
  • Betty Anne Gard
  • Ruth and Arthur Kaufman
  • Andy & Carol Harris
  • Bradley Howard Hand
  • Janet Mills
  • Terrence Wise
  • Karen A Davis
  • Linda Eng
  • Marshall D Boyd
  • Mark and Nancy Brown
  • Marsha Martin
  • Josie Roskin
  • Anne Heartsong
  • Carey Goodman
  • Nancy Code
  • Machelle Allman
  • Craig Ewing
  • Sandra J Diebold
  • Lynn Hart
  • Barb Hunsinger
  • Julie Margulies
  • Peter Clarke
  • Mimi MacLeod
  • Jean Hammerback
  • Richard Lake
  • Mike Kenny
  • Elizabeth Miller
  • Jan Weldn
  • Floie Vane
  • Laurel Northup
  • Maggie Rawcliffe
  • Helene Madonick
  • Kari Block
  • Eva Parks
  • Craig Pape
  • Sriram Subramanian
  • Andy Swayne
  • Alison Sands
  • Kimberly Kuo
  • Jim and Nancy Kenagy
  • The Reutimann Family Trust
  • Norman and Jacquie Ream
  • John and Jean McCall
  • Ruth Hansing
  • Joan Henzi
  • Kathleen Learned
  • Masako Tanaka
  • Paul Miley Kim Garvin
  • Ann Lanning
  • Carolyn Walden
  • Robert Svendsen
  • Mike and Joan Fager
  • Dianne Barnes
  • John Blackman
  • Webster Sergeant
  • Mary Sherhart
  • Patricia Timmons
  • Irene Cunningham
  • Kevin and Ali Mayher
  • Decky Fiedler
  • Frank Cohee
  • Delores Marhula
  • Jan and Tom Crews
  • Sylvia Fox
  • John and Merritt Atwood
  • Gary M. Peterman
  • William Lambert
  • In memory of Pauline Ludwig
  • Alice Christine Mendoza

• A gift for Linda Fay
• From Annette Althoff
• From Murray and Jill Andrews
• From Cheryl Anonson
• From Bad Woman Yarn
• From Tom and Betsy Bahn
• From Andrea and Tim Barber: $5,000
• From Sheila Bathurst
• From Geraldine Y. Beeler: $100
• From Jerry Brown
• From George and Sally Chambers
• From Patricia and Ted Collins
• From Verla Cook
• From Diane Cook
• From MJ and Bob Creamer: $100
• From Dr. and Mrs. Sam Dachs
• From Mary Downey
• From Mark Durfee: $30
• From David and Jeanne Elliott
• From Pat and Bruce Finlayson
• From Ron and Nadine Fox
• From Sylvia Fox
• From Art and Kay Gannon
• From Don and Sandy Gorman
• From Ken and Sandra Gorohoff
• From Bill and Jan Grimm
• From Peter and Barbara Harper
• From Sharon Harada
• From Pete Hastings
• From Peter Hayes: $40
• From George and Gabriella Heffner
• From David Henry
• From Jon and Kathleen Houghton
• From J.A. Hudson
• In honor of Robert King
• In honor of Bob and Denise Mager
• In honor of my brother John
• In honor of Ed DeVries
• In honor of Robert and Marjorie Olmsted
• In honor of Mom, Dave, Matt and Barb, and In loving memory of Dad
• In honor of Jim Holtz
• In honor of my friends living at Emerald Place Condo
• In honor of our parents
• In honor of LBR: $100
• In honor of Edith, seasonís blessings to you
• In honor of Andrew Mathewsí birthday
• In honor of the Morris and Raimondi Families
• In honor of the Woodman Family
• In honor of my dear friends Jeff, Mark, Shawn and Terry
• In honor of George Birchfield
• In honor of Thomas E. Nelson
• In honor of Ric Testagrossa
• In honor of Bobbie Simoneís 80th Birthday from the Monday morning tennis group
• In honor of treasured friends
• In honor of Nancy Williams
• In honor of Donna Wigren
• In honor of Wendy Townsend
• In honor of Jessie Evans Babcock
• In honor of Ardelle Williams
• In honor of Suzy
• In honor of the Humphreys Family
• In honor of Pete Iwao and Miyuki Hanada
• In loving memory of Conrad and Mary Rynning
• In memory of Lars Larsen
• In memory of Lynette, Cliff, Jane, Joyce, Mary: $100
• In memory of Leonard
• In memory of Michael Wistrom
• In memory of Dominic Pietro
• In memory of Allison Margaret Wright
• In memory of Glenn Sekio Matsumoto
• In memory of Donald R. Connolly
• In memory of Papa (Jim MacIssac)
• In memory of Karl and Theodora Pisk
• In memory of Ruth Donaldson
• In memory of Lewis and Olga Purcell
• In memory of Nick Giralmo and Mickey Alvaro
• In memory of our loved ones
• In memory of David Barber: $100
• In memory of Emeilia Bergesen
• In memory of Robbi Shane
• In memory of Cyndi Crawford
• In memory of Beloved Kingsley Grayson: $250
• In memory of Joseph X. Mead
• In memory of Frank, Golda, Cleo, Maestro and Duke
• In memory of Ken Teller
• In memory of Julia Budnick
• In memory of Mariah Pritchard
• In memory of Tiny Gunnerson
• In memory of Jordyn Rube
• In memory of David Paul
• In memory of Linda Norris
• In memory of Phillip
• In memory of Mary Y. Yee
• In memory of David Tramm
• In memory of D. W. Custer and LaVerne Peterson
• In memory of Joseph Raffaelli
• In memory of Jerry Jones
• In memory of Faith Saunders
• In memory of Hugh Wagner
• In memory of our parents
• In memory of Gwen Boys
• In memory of Philip Norris
• In memory of Richard Doran
• In memory of Roger L. Benton
• In memory of Ruth Graefing: $2,000
• In memory of Dr. Rodney Cook
• In memory of Lorraine and son Jeffrey Lambert
• In memory of Robert Francois
• In memory of Olaf Granen: $100
• In memory of Frieda Foster
• In memory of Milo, Evie and Darryl
• In memory of Caroline Byrnes
• In memory of Inez Kirsch: $50
• In memory of Claire Z. Breslich
• In memory of Linda Jacobsen
• In memory of Dorothy Dunn Bayley: $100
• In memory of Hiroshi and Rose Oyama
• In memory of Charles H. Ballard
• In memory of Jamie Lundin
• In memory of Harold M. Gjersee
• In memory of Y. Crosby

• In memory of Eliane Irvine
• In memory of Susan Fitzpatrick
• In memory of our son, Paul Freitas
• In memory of Trudy Brown
• In memory of Wanda Mathis
• In memory of Milo Penovich (Son)
• In memory of Jo-Maine: $40
• In memory of Michael Lee Nute
• In memory of Eileen Bruce
• In memory of Starr Benson
• In memory of Dave Ditzler
• In memory of Patrick T. Mallahan
• In memory of Cheryl, Ruth, Jim, Freddy and Shadow: $1,000
• In memory of Jean and Jeanne Guichard
• In memory of Elizabeth deDesrochers
• In memory of Helen Shafer
• In memory of Victoria Beck
• In memory of Tim Watts
• In memory of Ron Skoda
• In memory of Lavern and Patricia Kuhfeld: $100
• In memory of Eileen Fierling
• In memory of Rich Horsfall
• In memory of George and Nellie Berninger
• In memory of Amelia and Don Williams
• In memory of Chet and Connie Smith
• In memory of Mom and Dad Stronk
• In memory of Leo and Geri Peterson
• In memory of Lucille and Gene Williams: $200
• In memory of: Mary and Ralph Schafer
• In memory of Bill and Billy King, Bill and Doris McDonald, F. and J. Giffin, and C. Tribett
• In memory of Colleen Taylor
• In memory of Paul and Mark Weishaar
• In memory of Adine Fredrickson
• In memory of my sister, Ruth A. Benson
• In memory of Richard Wigren
• In memory of Frank Bihary and George Durham
• In memory of Peter Steven Chelemedos
• In memory of Nils Haramoto
• In memory of Dr. W.A. and Lydia Johnson, and Walter and Doris Finholm
• In memory of Arthur and Robin Rice from Rosemary and Rebecca
• In memory of Laura Olin
• In memory of Ann Jack
• In memory of Kenneth, Dolores, and Michael Curry
• In memory of Clark and Steve
• In memory of Betty Nelson
• From Joann Irvine
• From Joe and Jerry
• From the Johnson family of Redmond
• From Beverly K. Johnson
• From Trilby and Nick Jordan
• From Audrey C. Kellison
• From Lucinda Kelly
• From Nancy J. King
• From Karen Koon: $250
• From David Kupcho
• From Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Lambinicio
• From Sara Levant
• From Birgit Lyshol
• From Bea MacLeod: $100
• From Carol Magraw: $50
• From Denise Martin
• From Victoria Martinsen and John Miller: $500
• From Lori Matheson: $50
• From Mike and Corenne McBeth
• From Lee and Elsa Meadows
• From Linda Merth, Susan Turner and Pam Mopfelt
• From Arthur and Ruby Meyer: $100
• From Tom and Bev Millar
• From Michael and Michele Miller: $200
• From Barry and Marilyn Miller
• From Leon and Darlene Misterek
• From Mosalsky and Moore: $100
• From Robert Munger
• From Olympic Manor Garden Club: $500
• From Janet D. Osborn
• From Sylvia Pollack and Molly McGee
• From Margaret Race
• From James Reid
• From Paul and Marjorie Robertson
• From Roka, Ren, Emi and Kai
• From Marcia Rutan
• From Franz and Lorraine Schwarm
• From Rosalye A. Schwartz
• From Trimaine and Marjorie Scribner
• From Jack and Lou Sharp
• From Sallie Shippen
• From Ralph and Rosemary Soper
• From Byron and Sonya Stevenson
• From Barbara Stilson
• From Peggy and Sanford Swayne
• From Jim and Betty Thomas: $150
• From Kevin Thurner
• From Jean and Dan Tolfree
• From Teresa and Galen Trail
• From Susan L. Vestal: $300
• From Rene Vogt
• From Lance and Charlene Wallen
• From Jared Williams
• From Douglas and Dianne Wills
• From Maureen and Julian Witherell
• From Dave and Susan Womeldorff: $1,500
• From Nancy Wood and Charles Hendrick
• From Fangfang Wu
• From Dan and Nancy W. Yee

• From Sheila Bathurst
• From Betty Gard: $50. This is a wonderful way to contribute!
• From Tom Grow
• From In K. Hur
• In honor of Lois Fleck
• In honor of David Moxon
• In honor of mom’s birthday: $30
• In honor of Kevin and Katie
• In honor of Alvin Brown’s 102nd birthday
• In honor of Emerson and Doris
• In honor of Dwight, former resident of Heritage House
• In memory of Alice Cameron
• In memory of McKenzie Sue
• In memory of Erma and Harry Smith, and Franz and Merilyn Wangerin
• In memory of Gregory Jacobson, Ruby Jacobson and Art Lustig
• In memory of Gary Shurtleff
• In memory of Mommy, Daddy and the rest
• In memory of Donald E. Haggen
• In memory of Dorothea Marshall
• In memory of Anita Gibbs
• In memory of Cathi Carr-Lundfelt
• In memory of Mary C. Rowland
• In memory of our mother, Peggy Joyce Newman
• In memory of Chuck Zwiers
• From William Kolts and Joyce Heaton-Kolts
• From Mike and Shelly Reiss
• From the Talley Family
• From Georgia Thurmond