Meet some of the people your donations have helped.



After a stroke, Owen beats the odds.

After a seemingly normal pregnancy, Owen’s parents learned their newborn had suffered a significant brain damage. They were told he may never walk, talk or eat on his own.

Owen’s mom Tessa knew the power of early intervention, and self-referred to Kindering. He started therapy, making great strides in motor skills, feeding and social development. “Owen has made progress beyond his neurologists’ expectations,” says Tessa, “and we owe it all to the amazing resources at Kindering.”

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

George finds a place to rest his head.

When funding for subsidized housing expired, George was forced onto the streets. Depression set in as he struggled to find safety and warmth. He discovered The Salvation Army cold weather shelter, where caseworkers helped him find rental options, transportation to applications and emotional encouragement through the long process.

George now has affordable, permanent housing. He says he’s thankful to sleep in his own bed – something he hadn’t done in three years.

Youth Eastside Services

Youth Eastside Services

Andrew overcomes debilitating depression.

After developing severe depression in high school, Andrew was referred for counseling at Youth Eastside Services (YES). At first, he was resistant, but his YES counselor helped change his perspective. He also involved Andrew’s parents in the sessions, helping all of them open up about their feelings and concerns.

In his senior year, Andrew started to feel better. “It’s very, very normal for a teenager to be depressed or have anxiety,” he says, “and going to counseling can help.”

Sound Generations

Sound Generations

A safety net for Abdoul.

Abdoul came to Sound Generations having nowhere else to turn. On the verge of homelessness, he was in dire need of housing, health care and regular meals.

With the help of Sound Generations supportive and caring Lake City Seniors community, he was able to find food, stable housing and access to medical care. As costs of living continue to rise in the Puget Sound, more local seniors like Abdoul will need the services Sound Generations can provide.



Holiday happiness at the Duncan house.

Since Juanita Duncan became a foster parent 10 years ago, her family has fostered more than 100 children. The holidays have been a particularly special time at their house, thanks to Treehouse’s Holiday Magic program, which provides gifts to more than 5,000 kids throughout the state.

Juanita appreciates the variety of gifts appropriate for a wide range of ages, from infants to teen moms and their babies. “The kids have always gotten what they’ve wanted,” she says.



A brighter future for Gina and her son.

A single parent, Gina found herself living in her car with her 3-year old son. She saw this was taking a toll on him and turned to Wellspring for help.

A Housing Stability Specialist helped her resolve a debt that was preventing her from securing housing, and they worked with her to increase her income. With a new career as a medical assistant, Gina was a finally able to provide her son with a safe, stable home where he could grow and thrive.

Atlantic Street Center

Atlantic Street Center

Tiana learns to balance work, school and kids.

Former foster child Tiana didn’t know a lot about parenting. Since age 16, she struggled with homelessness, and didn’t always make it to school.

The Atlantic Street Center Teens as Parents Program taught her skills for parenting her two children, helped her with employment and housing, and provided crucial behavioral health counseling. Now, the 20-year-old is employed and ready to start college, on her way to becoming an award-winning chef.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brother Zach never gave up.

When 7-year-old Bryce first met his Big Brother Zach, his parents had just divorced, and his dad was hooked on opioids. Four years later, his dad overdosed, and Bryce turned to those same drugs to cope. But through it all, Zach was there.

“He would drive around, find me on the streets and take me to dinner—he wanted to help me feel normal,” Bryce recalls. Inspired to change, Bryce started working hard in school, and was recommended for admission to The Citadel. Today, Bryce’s future is wide open.

Asian Counseling and Referral Service

Asian Counseling and Referral Service

Vannady finds his place in the world.

A child of Cambodian refugees, Vannady found it hard to conform to the two sets of cultural norms at home and at school. He skipped classes, let his grades slide and fought a lot with his mother.

As a sophomore, he joined ACRS’ Southeast Asian Young Men’s (SEAYM) group, which helped him explore his bicultural identity. He learned he was not alone, and his desire to graduate high school was ignited. Today, Vannady is an ACRS staff member and role model for other bicultural kids.



Baby Catherine’s first smile.

When infant siblings Catherine and Tyler first came to Childhaven, they showed none of the curiosity and joy babies usually express. Especially Catherine, whose just couldn’t relax.

They began to receive daily nurturing care in one of Childhaven’s infant rooms. Eventually, their work began to pay off. “One day, Catherine finally gave me a huge smile,” her teacher says. “Our intervention was working!” After just six short months, both kids are doing great, overcoming their delays with smiles and laughter.



After multiple setbacks, Hyla emerges victorious.

For most of her adult life, Hyla had a successful career, owned a home and lived an active lifestyle. But then her father had a stroke, and Hyla was diagnosed with cancer. As she struggled to care for her dad and herself, she and her special-needs daughters became homeless.

Hopelink provided them with food and a safe place to live, and helped Hyla find long-term housing. Today, Hyla and her daughters are safe, stable and looking forward to a much brighter future.

Kent Youth and Family Services

Kent Youth and Family Services

Elijah rises to the top of his kindergarten class.

After struggling with behavioral issues, preschooler Elijah entered the Early Learning Program at Kent Youth and Family Services (KYFS). In that positive, nurturing environment, he started channeling his energy into being a wonderful student.

The next year, he entered kindergarten, where he excelled. At the end of the school year, he surprised KYFS staffers with an award he won. The former behaviorally challenged preschooler had been named “Best Kindergartener of the Year.”

The local community agencies supported by the fund.

Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS)

Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS)

ACRS provides an array of support and behavioral health services to Asian and Pacific Islander populations in a multicultural, multilingual setting.
Atlantic Street Center (ASC)

Atlantic Street Center (ASC)

ASC provides anger management, counseling and parenting classes that help transform the lives of many young people who need support and direction.
Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters works to match local volunteers with children who need one-to-one relationships with caring adults.


Childhaven provides therapeutic care for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers who have been affected by trauma. Their science-based, heart-centered programs support positive outcomes for children and families facing issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, and mental illness.


Since 1971, Hopelink has helped homeless and low-income children, families and seniors, as well as people with disabilities.
In addition to operating food banks and an emergency shelter, Hopelink provides transitional housing, counseling, child care, transportation and adult literacy training.
Kent Youth and Family Services

Kent Youth and Family Services

KYFS provides professional counseling, education and support services to children, youth and their families in our community, developing innovative programs that meet the evolving challenges of our diverse community in culturally sensitive ways.


Kindering Center is a birth-to-age-three early intervention program providing individualized, family-centered services for children who are disabled, medically fragile or vulnerable because of abuse or neglect.
The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

With practical compassion, The Salvation Army helps provide basics — housing, utilities, food and clothing — that get people back on their feet. They also provide extras that brighten hearts, like holiday meals and toys.
Sound Generations

Sound Generations

Sound Generations is dedicated to providing information and services for older adults and their loved ones. Through programs like Meals on Wheels and neighborhood senior centers, Sound Generations is working to make King County a better place to age.


Since 1988, Treehouse has helped kids in foster care through programs that help them succeed in school, fulfill key material needs, and provide important childhood experiences that every child deserves.


Wellspring Family Services provides a variety of services such as safe and stable housing, early childhood learning resources and essential items for homeless children and their families.
Youth Eastside Services

Youth Eastside Services

Through counseling and community outreach, Youth Eastside Services helps young people and their families overcome drug and alcohol issues, avoid teen violence, pregnancy and suicide, and resolve family conflicts.

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In memory of Doreen & Geoffrey Beckest
In memory of Therese Aune Cafferty
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In memory of Victoria Beck
In memory of Shirlee N. Olson
Jack & Judy Williams
Lisa Nichol
In memory of Scooby Pearson
In honor of Linda & Wally Jacobson
In memory of Mary Lynch
In memory of Allison M. Wright
David Knibb
In memory of our parents
Mary Nysether
In memory of Diana C. Gibbs
Barrie Carter & Eileen Lennon
Gerry & Sue Brown
Kevin Thurner
Mary Anne Kelly
In honor of Susan Kaplan
In memory of Benedict Shih
Ray Gwinn & Salie Rossen
In honor of D,P,J,K
In memory of Stephanie Eng
In memory of Laura Finn
In memory of Robert H. Muilenburg
In memory of Sylvia Chambers

In memory of Arthur and Robin Rice
In memory of Ronald Jay Kariya
In memory of George and Martha Matsuno
In memory of Pat and Jack Baird, Mary Parker, Eva Baird, John and Mary Healey, Katherine Eisen, David McGarry, Lorrayne Ruoff, Lois West
In honor of Gary Walcott
In honor of C. Hunter and Karyn Branham
In honor of Terry, Mark & Shawn, Jeff & William
In memory of Stanley Holt
Rene Vogt
Jackie L. Erickson
Donald Ries
Kris Burwell & Michael Taylor
Chris Barnes
Duane Niatum
Tom and Barbara Skoda
Sallie Shippen
In memory of Peter Manning
In memory of Herman Payton
The Plimpton Family
In memory of Ruth A. Benson
In memory of Ruth Lincoln, Foster Mother and In honor of Don & Shirley, Foster Parents
Mary Lou & Ralfs Mikelsons
In memory of Richard P. & Phyllis Sartain
In memory of Edgar, In memory of Anne
In memory of Janet Fania
Larry M. Hamilton
F C Witzel, JR
In memory of Don Connolly
Clint & Diana Hall
In memory of Les & Nancy Pennington
In honor of Teyler & Nicholas
In honor of John Barry
Dave and Susan Hoenig
In memory of Richard Reinhardt and In honor of Vincent & Helen Sutter
Brooks and Jim Romano
Tim & Laura Graham
Fred & Sue Ervin
In memory of all those gone too soon
In memory of Edwin, Mintrude, Hubert and Carl Hackett
In memory of Harry L Alcott
In memory of Earline Siguaw & Ruth Harold
In memory of Joe Mead, A true Hiller!
In honor of Lucas and Marvin
Joan Karkeck
In memory of Mate Martinis
In memory of Stephen B.
Clifford Page
Susan Lynette
In memory of Richard J. Stonecipher
In memory of Wayne R. Atwood
Sharon J. Harada
In memory of Madalaine Dark
In memory of Dominic Pietro
In memory of Anne Carey Anderson
Josephine Anne Hudson
Dave & Karen Vogt
In memory of Julie
Viet Huynh & Cherry Duong
Donna Johnson
In memory of Ralph & Janet Armbruster and In memory of Conrad & Ruth Howard
In memory of Beth Kenny
Henry & Joyce Kent
Emmett & Pat Hannifin
In memory of John Wise
In memory of John and Mary Talevich
In honor of Ms. Merlin’s class at Green Lake Elementary
In honor of Bea MacLeod
In celebration of Fangfang
Cristie Johanson
In honor of all those who need help
In memory of Min and Cherrie Tsubota
In memory of Emilia Bergesen
Michael & Michele Miller
In memory of Jennifer
In memory of Rodecindo M. Placer
In memory of Shige Kikuchi
Barbara Sando
Gloria Scott
Victoria Martinsen

In memory of Jabril Harrold
Romaine Electric Corp.
Randolph N. Richstad
In memory of Preston Cola
Bob and Kim Anthony
Judith Willison
Linda & Alan Murray
In memory of Aaron James
Jane and Dirk Ehlert
In memory of Betty Nelson
In memory of Rick Lane Johnson, MD
In memory of Donald V. Hanson
David & Lucile James
Walter Croasdill
In memory of Lenny Lombardi
In honor of The Wilson
In honor of Charlotte Kazmierski
Barbara Howell
In memory of Grant and Edith Knutson
In memory of Thomas E. and Patrick M. Wallace
Alan & Phyllis Caswell
In memory of Ryan Heiberg
Julie & Mike Weisbach
Ron & Roberta Andresen
Lee & Elsa Meadows
Rick and Sarah Jusko
Robi Zocher
Pam & David Dack
Karen Ginivisian
Louise & Bill LaRue
The Cristinas
In memory of Paul and Marie Neorr
In memory of Dorothy Dunn Bayley
In memory of Dr. Robert Gannon
In honor of our parents
In memory of Dick Giralmo & Mickey Alvaro
In memory of Dorothy M. Blanchard
Alan & Diane Judy
In memory of Cindy Brovald
In memory of Walter Robinson
In honor of my parents, my husband
In memory of Wallace & Dorothy Wood
Tibet Giray
In memory of Maurice P. Wood
In honor of Juliana Giese
In memory of Jack and Pat Hyman
Eleanore & William Hadfield
Meredith Pfanschmidt
Brad Tupper
Lucy Gaskill Gaddis and Terry Gaddis
Dave & Ellen Mayher
Karen and Steve Ridlon
For Papa and Mama
In honor of Peter and Patia Swart
In memory of Claire & Rick Reischling
In memory of Steve Garrison
In celebration of Rob, Erica, Adrieanna, Zoe, Kevin
In honor of Maggie-Mom Larson
In honor of Josefina Lopez and Perry Wong
In honor of Harald Sund
In memory of Marta Tribble and Edward Hall
In memory of Mom, Dad, and JT
Matt Lynch and Bonnie Curran
Barry and Shelley Kikuchi
In celebration of 911 Driving School Lynnwood
In honor of Trixie, the evil bunny of the apocalypse, but the best dog in our house!
In honor of Perry Adler
In honor of Katharine and Josie
In honor of Linda & Jim Fay
In memory of Alice Hinke, Charles V. Hinke, Renee Portray and Gilbert S. Kirschen
In memory of Betsy Hood
In memory of My parents- Jim and Anne (Griffin) Kennedy
In memory of Claire Kennedy Burton
In memory of Brooke Thornhill
Sally and Richard Wolf
Dan Craig & Madeline Buelt
Dirk & Sue
Elizabeth Crockett

In memory of David CM Anderson
In memory of VLL
In memory of Mary and Donald Gowing
In memory of Janet and Jim Crenshaw
In memory of Tom Larabee
In memory of Evelyn Lotz
In honor of Dad, Mom and Ken
In celebration of Charlie Peppler
In celebration of Barry and Nancy Mickel
Jim and Mary Sletten
Wes and Joanie Aman
Colin & Julia May, May Family Foundation
In memory of Sally Hayton-Keeva
Steve & Linda Reichenbach
In honor of Rozalyn Boyd & Guy Palagi
Larry & Virginia Erickson
Nancy E. Ellingham
Melinda & Walter Andrews
In memory of Bob and Marj Hall
Patty Skommesa
In memory of Missy Lynn Carstens
Mike & Patti Timmons
Larry & Bonnie Moormeier
In memory of Robert Lyshol
In memory of John R. Wilson
In honor of Jody and Scott, Alex and Annie
In memory of Bill & Helen Jayne
In memory of Erwin Gunn
In memory of Bill, Mary
Rich & Carol Bettesworth
In memory of Barbara Takenaka
In memory of Pete and Betty Jayne
In memory of Janyne Oberdorfer
In honor of Bonz
In celebration of Rick and Gail Solomon
In celebration of Marcia Gudger
In celebration of Richard and Alice Nelson
In celebration of Erika Christofferson Sweger
In memory of Chris & Max Ashley
In memory of Joanne Adkisson
In memory of Elizabeth Sidorowicz
In memroy of Stella Dubiel
In honor of Sandra Feinstein
In memory of Rose and Dan Riley
In honor of the wonderful students, staff, faculty, and administration at Talbot Hill Elementary
in Renton, Washington
Dan Mageau and Vicki Robinson
Vicki & David Kremers
In memory of Jimmie, Barbara, Vincent & Jessie Toy
Arthur Meyer
In honor of Helen Holliday
In memory of Jean Lorain Unger
Lido & Eleonora DiLuck

In memory of Alex Wright, 3/24/73-3/8/91
In memory of Kathleen Keene
R. & D. Bollinger
Betty Wagner
In memory of Floyd E. Colwell
In memory of John McCain (Former US Senator), In honor of George H.W. Bush (The 41st President)
John & Joan Watkins
Ted & Ann Watts
In memory of Chuck Zwiers
Pateric Software LLC
In memory of Lorraine Lambert & Jeff Lambert
In memory of Mary E. Loewecke
In memory of our beloved son, Scott Andrew Tegman
In honor of all my friends living at the condo at 400 Walnut St, Edmonds WA
Alan Ruder and Deborah Hyman
In memory of my husband, K.R. Biswas
In memory of Rod A. Madrigal
In memory of Loy Loy, Edith M., Dionne, Ann M., In honor of John F., John B.
Sally and Sandy Church
Margery Jane Hjellming
Bonnie Colpitts
In memory of Jenny Hagan
In memory of Steve Dolde
In memory of Betty Mather
In memory of Kerin Keller
In memory of Elizabeth & Joseph Von Moos
Phyllis Lee
Ruth Hansing
Tad & Fran Wada
In memory of C. Borawick, In honor of M.L. Borawick
Maureen & John Horn
In memory of Ronald Wolcott
In memory of Richard Gaeta
Gayle Murphy
Michael & Alayne Fardella
Jennifer Cameron
Sue and Neal Jensen
The Kennedy Family
Catherine Woodburne
In memory of Christopher Michael Kane
In memory of My dad, Jerry Piele
In memory of Ted and Joe Giffin, Bill and William King, Doris McDonald
In memory of Fritz and Lorraine Pribbernow
In memory of Mary Hoisington
In honor of Clee Richardson
in memory of Irene and Bill Brainard
In memory of Dr Samuel Peizer and Ruth Immerman Peizer
In memory of My Beloved Son Steven V. Robins Dec. 26, 1966 – April 1, 2017
In memory of our parents
In memory of Andrew McClary
In celebration of Marsha & Larry Martin
In memory of Phyllis Cairns
Bryan R Thomas

In memory of Eugene N. Nowik
Beth Kirchhoff
In memory of Mary Noel Riddell, RN
Julee Neuhart
In memory of George & Helen Stevens
Dee Dickinson
Alfred P and Nancy V Lee
In memory of Marjorie, Bill, Card, Dorothy, Lee
In memory of Jim Stipes
Ed & Carole Presson
Darold & Marilyn Doell
Jan and Chandler Felt
In memory of Felix Porter
In memory of Elsie Walker, Gene Horbach, and Rich Haller
Marilyn Gustafson
In memory of Erin & Eva Walls
In memory of Cornelia Palmgren
Helen Wang & Charles Chu
Bill & Dorian Ford
In memory of Royal Nordby
Susan Wineke
John & Dina Wells
In honor of Chuck Alm, Dick Brandt, and Dick Crockett
Judy G. Poll
Mike & Cheryl Herscher
Kathy Williams
In memory of our loved ones
Rick & Leanne Hawkins
In memory of Tony Barbur
In memory of Kiyomi & Mary Hayashi, In Memory of Luis & Priscilla Castro
Todd & Jill Christoffel

In memory of John Hammerback
In memory of The Rev Al & Virginia Walker
In honor of all the first responders and the military
In memory of Susan McCray
Pete & Bette Osman
In memory of Walter and Evelyn Cahill
In memory of Connie Parker
In memory of our parents
In honor of “my dad and mom”
Ted Margolis and Susan McClellan
In memory of David M. Reichenberg
Merry Christmas-Barbara & Archie Lovre
In memory of Thomas J. O’Brien
In memory of Robert M. Austin 1953-1988 R.I.P.
Franz & Lorraine Schwarm
In memory of Clark & Steve
Eva and Doug Whitworth
Marr & Nancy Mullen
In memory of Edward and Ruth Evanson
Rudy and Cynthia Avila
Katherine Olson
Dorothy Arab
Jerry and Nancy Worsham
In memory of Donald Marsh
In memory of John Eads
In memory of my husband, Leonard Sarason
In memory of Rose & Jacob Siegel
Michelle & Bill Clapp
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goodall
In memory of Jackie Vhugen
In memory of James J. Cleland, Sr. & Jr.
Jan & Tom Crews
In memory of Robert D. Bradbury, In honor of Todd & Sharon Bradbury, In honor of Lynann Bradbury, In honor of Dave Budd, In honor of Austin & Maquel Bradbury, In honor of Colton Bradbury, In honor of Marianne & Rick Snyder, In honor of The Dave & Kelly Self Family, In honor of The Scott and Dawn Livingston Family
In memory of Thelma Johnson
In honor of C. A. & J.
Tris Samberg & Mike Hablewitz
Janet McKinnon and Peter Brown
In memory of Jack Moshcatel
In memory of Virginia and Lynes
In memory of In memory of Ruth Graefing
In memory of Arlene d.Weiss
In memory of Richard & Linda Moore
In memory of Tom & Mid Davis
In memory of Silas and Marjorie Morse
In memory of Helen Eloranta and Suzanne Ruff
In memory of Albert Uberti, Ruth Uberti, Randall Spencer, Ruby Spencer
In memory of Jane Jacques
In memory of Joshua Duckworth
In memory of Joy Dyer
In honor of Bob and Jane Ann Bradbury
Pat & Bruce Finlayson
Kay Adams
In memory of Jim
Harmon H. Rulifson
Susan Allen
In memory of Grand Master Jack Pierce
Lawrence & Hylton Hard
Jean & Shaun Savory
Sowatsky Family
Barbara & Ava
In memory of Kenneth Ross Lindblom
Judy Cites & Jim Wilke
Georganne Seebeck
Bruce and Carolyn David
In honor of Paula, Peggy & Laurie
In honor of Phil Dawson, In honor of Marji Simpson O’Brien, In honor of G & G O’Brien
Barbara & Bob Welsh
In honor of Donna Wigren and Richard Wigren
Steve Tholl and Diane Buckshnis
Bob & Susan Roetcisoender
In memory of Laurence Pascoe
In memory of John D. Alexander
Ann Rutledge Buchanan
Terry & Kari Block
David & Grace Simons
In honor of Amy Krajci
Reitha Weeks
Miriam and Steve McCarthy
David & Lisa Browdy
Harold and Nancy Ross

Sam & Lynn Stevens
Karen & Mike Paul
In celebration of Steve M and Ericka K
David and Jeannie Brooks
Bruce Florsheim
Sandra L. Swarbrick
In memory of Sam Dachs
In memory of Joan and Kitty
Claire Gray
In memory of George & Nellie Berninger
Steve & Meg DeHaven
William and Jacqueline Brennan
Dick and Dianne Lee
Jeffrey and Louise Davis
In memory of John Burch
Dave and Sue Williams
In memory of Charles & Jean Gretz
James Reid
Dorothy R. Reinhart
Theresa McCormick
Gayle Ducey
In honor of my family
In memory of Betty, George, and Tayeko
In memory of Kay Madison Boyd
Renee Belfor
In memory of Cindy Reedy
In memory of Joe and Jovita Rivera
George and Gabriella Heffner
Bob & Marie Reid
In memory of Robert Konen
In memory of Paul G. Allen
In memory of Nellie
In memory of Joe & Verle Ashlock
In memory of John Montcalm Arthur, In honor of Nicholas Passamonte
Betty Knutson
Lynne & Hollie Ellis
In memory of Michael Wistrom
In memory of Dwayne Strand
In memory of Donald, Amelia, Ardelle
In memory of Dale E. Johnson
In memory of Patrick James McGuire
In honor of Sgt Zach and Zoe
In memory of Lim & Chue Yut Yee
Susan and Pio DeCano
In memory of Joe Saunders
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Rex Tilley Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Davy L. Lily
In memory of Ivan Little
Sissy & Gary Peterman
Ellie Liebeck
Gordon Lambert and Jean Pasche-Lambert
Helen S. Jaspen
In memory of Jack & Lillian Shawcroft
In memory of my brother Dick
Carol & Bob Spangler
Charlie & Jean Johnson
David & Karen King
In honor of Don Brown
In honor of The Seattle’s Homeless
In memory of Frederick and Glen Harper
In memory of Mary Duncan
Paul Dwyer adn Diane Steen
Len & Gretchen Rosoff
Jeff & Lynn Stiern
Dorothy Ferrel
In memory of my beloved daughter, Mary Riley
In loving memory of Wayne D. Larkin
In memory of Verne Flotten
Lynette Mattarocci
Judy Simonelli
In memory of my parents
In memory of Olaf & my pets
Susan Vestal
Eric & Helen Andersen
In memory of my beloved husband, Ernie Trulson
Alan and Bonnie Stone
In memory of Harold R. Nash
In memory of Shula Monroe
Page Gorud
Barbara Allen
In memory ofEdith Herndon
In honor of the Barbier and Rolnick families
Joe Leinonen and Barbara Allen
Clare & Erich Hablutzel

In honor of Larson and Troske Families
In memory of Stephen Mitchell
In memory of Bill Cheshier
In memory of PaulIne Ludwig
In memory of Ruth and Carl
In memory of Laura Olin
In memory of Maria Shaffer
In memory of Shirley Mast
In memory of Mary Anne Fleck
In memory of our mothers – Kate and Kay
Chuck and Suzanne Hathaway
Linda Oswald
Lynn & Evelyn Hart
Marla Patterson
Steve and Lucretia Shafer
In honor of Molly Evans
In memory of Varda Juno
In memory of Marvin
Barbara & Howard Harrison
In memory of my wonderful parents and extended family
In memory of Steve Tull
In memory of Jan V. Johnson
In honor of amazing volunteers!
In celebration of Roka, Ren, Emi, Kai
In memory of Paul G. Allen
In memory of Mary Kathleen (Farley) Brown
In memory of Martha & Delane Benedict
Tyler Keller
Don and Natascha Turner
Tim and Judith Hanson
In memory of Peter R. Vincent
In memory of Bob and Darlene Woodson
In memory of Bruce Sacchini

Joan Henzi
Susan and Albert Fuchs
Debbie & Vince Capelli
In memory of Tonda
In memory of Dr. Jane Sarmiento Schwab PHD
In memory of Roberta I. Nease and In honor of Oren R. Nease
In memory of Robert F. Rose
In memory of Paul and Mark Weishaar
In memory of our father LaVern Kuhfeld and our mother Patricia Kuhfeld
In memory of Alf & Ruth Lied
In memory of Sue Dalzell
Joan & Frank Cohee
In memory of Ginny Vracin
Delores Marhula
Brad & Michelle Keller
Ron Belanger
In memory of William A. Blades
Mary S. Perillo
Edel Underhill
In memory of John Metcalf
Louise Ono
Kristina paulsen
In honor of Kylee Brantner and Makinlee Brantner
Terese Freedman & Jim Coleman
Elisabet O. Orville
Nancy Patterson
Robert Laing, Marcia Kline
In memory of Henry and Doris MacLeod
The Opsal-Heavey Family
In memory of Roman & Perpetua Cruz
In memory of Jeanne and Annie Phillips
Arlen Van Draanen
Cleo & Peter Raulerson

In memory of Elinor Brennan
Bruce and Barbara A. Olmstead
In memory of Elizabeth Jane Stewart
Bert Rutan
Farrell Family
In honor of The Frerichs Family
In memory of Granda Tessie Deruette
St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Philoptochos Society #4047
In honor of Kevin and Ryan Cho
In memory of Jacqi Cate
In memory of Iole Simone
In memory of James and Virginia
In memory of Donald F. Hamilton
In memory of Michael Scott Donckels
In memory of Willem & Klasiena Mantle and Marvin Onstott
Glad to have an opportunity to support the amazing work you do
In memory of Jean Regan
In honor of Katie and Alex
Geraldine Williams
In memory of Herbert H. Warrick
Carolyn Hoisington
Carolyn S. Walden
In memory of Roy and Lillian Thompson
Thank you Kindering and Seattle Times
Glenn Wilhite and Karin Besaw
In memory of Mary Kathleen (Farley) Brown
In memory of Emily Bone
In honor of Kerstin Gleim
In memory of George JEE
In memory of Mildred M. Mangum
In memory of Roger Johnson
Donna and Rob Dughi
In honor of Mai with Meals on Wheels
In memory of Chet & Connie Smith and Roy & Lil Nordby
In memory of Joseph X. Mead
In memory of Nettie V. Fleming
In memory of Robert G. Stone
Marla Peele
Paige and Steve Denison
In memory of Alden Landis
In memory of Ann and Fred Roberts
In memory of Becky Hilderbrand
Janet & Jeffrey Stroebel
Karly & Travis Dailey
The Bob Gardners

In memory of Evelyn Svendsen

Glenn Wilhite and Karin Besaw

In memory of our parents

In memory of Mary Kathleen (Farley) Brown

In celebration of Optimism Brewing Company

Wanda and Jim Granquist

In memory of Liu Anne Chin

In memory of Robert “Bob” Tindall

Bobbie Simone

In honor of Jake and Dylan

Barbara Beyers

In memory of Brian Thornton

In memory of Katherine Wilson

In honor of volunteers at Seattle Children’s Hospital

In memory of Chuck Zwiers

In memory of Charles and Catherine (Pat) Dean

In honor of Patsy Gottshalk

In honor of St. Anne’s Church

Harold and Alice Reed

In memory of Merlyn A. Nellist

In memory of Lev and Dorthea Giffin

In memory of loved ones

In memory of Mom, Gregory, and Art

In honor of Frances, Paul, Corky, and Karen

Jerry Bailey

In honor of Catherine Fahey Fleming

Birte and Jim Falconer

Seth Parker and Heather Cox

Arlene Bryant & Kevin Connolly

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Johan J. Ruijters

Zan and Stephan Collier

In honor of Joan D’Andrea

In memory of Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma and those I love and miss

In memory of Edward F. Hester

Lynn Jacobson and Stuart McFeely

In memory of Irene Day Lavergne

In honor of Georgina (Nicky’s mother)

Cathy Skinner

In memory of Dorothea Marshall

Ed and Marcia Schroeder

In memory of Dorothy Lobrano Guth

In honor of Elizabeth Stewart

In memory of Donald Marsh

In honor of Laura Braden Waugh

In memory of Pam Eisen

In memory of Jim Wildman

Lido and Eleonora Diluck

In memory of daughter Selena McLeod

Don Ries

Barry and Judy Schwarz

In memory of Our Loved Ones

Pete and Ana Marshall

In memory of Jean Knight

Lisa M. Ekness

In memory of Mary Lynch and Linnea Berg

In memory of Milt Furness

In memory of Vic Kaloper

From Andrew & Abby Powell

In honor of Christopher & Jocelyn

In honor of Lori, Mark, and Taelor

Greg and Katey Ricker

The Thomas Family

Heidi Hubbard

In memory of Fred and Lorraine Pribbernow

Jean & Doug Peterson

In honor of Jean Wollaston

In celebration of James van Zee

In memory of All those who could have used a little more help

In celebration of Judith Sylte

In memory of Justin Timothy Horne

In honor of Ingeborg Pickert

Lisa Harris and David Wendel

In honor of Kathryn Deupree and Kristine Cramer

In honor of “Me too”

In celebration of Vogeli Family

In memory of Paul & Kathleen Dougherty

In memory of our moms, Sally and Joan

In celebration of Pat Chinn

In celebration of Patricia Emmons and Shmuel Elad

In celebration of Patricia Nord

In celebration of RaeAnne & Charlie Rousso

In celebration of Robb and Lani Drake

In honor of Barbier & Rolnick Families

In honor of Ross Donnelly

In celebration of Will & Karen Hargreaves

Arvind and Anu and Neeti

Gillespie Family

In honor of Jimmy Petteway

In memory of Ed & Doug Dougherty

Adele Thompson

Al and Claire Vogt

Alison Roxby and Brian Rulifson

Aloise Bates

Ann E. Anderson

Bad Woman Yarn

Barbara Sando

Barbara Smith

Bill and Joanne Fraser

Brenda M. Vreeke

Cameron Justam

Carl and Ellen Johanson

Carol and Mike Steinhauer

Celeste and Julie

Char Davies and Hou-Phouc Pham

Chickie and Mort

Cornelius and Penny Rosse

Cristie Johanson

Don Bui

Edith Rosencrantz

Eric and Kathy Berg

Evy McElmeel and Jan Hirschmann

From the Blaine Newnham family

George Soltman

In celebration of Bart & Brenda Perman

In celebration of Kim & Norm Brown

In celebration of Peggy and Greg Petrie

In honor of Christmas

In honor of Frank Tanagi’s 95th Birthday

In honor of Paul Dunham

In honor of Sam Galey and Paul Berggren

In memory of Arlene d.Weiss

In memory of Ben and Kathy Evanson

In memory of Bertha and Harold Winnett

In memory of Brian Purcell

In memory of Brooks Hollern

In memory of Carolyn Zimmer

In memory of Catherine Johnson

In memory of Celia E. Clemans

In memory of Cuzzin Carol

In memory of Earle and Gee-Gee Smith

In memory of Enola Johnstone and Bill McBurney

in memory of Eve

In memory of G Valmont Thomas

In memory of Jack and Roberta Kester

In memory of James M. Cleland, Sr. & James M. Cleland, Jr.

In memory of Joe & Audrey, Rudy & Gertrude

In memory of John Gregory and Carter Allen

In memory of Leslie

In memory of Letha Pearl Parks

In memory of Lloyd and Mary Lande

In memory of Mama & Papa

In memory of Mark Van Gasken

In memory of Maude Norton

In memory of Min and Cherrie Tsubota

In memory of Morley Ann Rutherford

In memory of Our Loved Ones

In memory of our parents

In memory of Papa John

In memory of Paul Malinowski

In memory of Richard and Thomas Osborne

In memory of Rick Langley

In memory of Sister Shirley

In memory of Thomas E. and Patrick M. Wallace

James Roelofs

Janet Henney

Jeff Vreeke

Jennifer A. Freeman

Jim and Peggy Price

John and Dina Wells

Judy Redmond

Judy Schuler

Katty Chow

Ken and Priscilla Johnson/Fitzhugh

Kevin Thurner

Linda Simpson and Rick Eckland

Lisa Strom

Mama & Papa

Margaret Race

Mavis Von Torne

Olympic Manor Garden Club

Rosemary and Jim McAuliffe

Ruth and John Rugh

Ruth and Paul Lewing

Stuart and Pat Speed

The Metz Family

Theresa L. Burnett

William W. Wurts

In celebration of Paul Nelson & Rhe Zinnecker

In memory of Nellie, Charles, Bill,Dee, Ruthie

In memory of Su Yon Yea

In memory of our parents

Leslie Stone

In memory of Bryce and Valerie Higgins

In memory of Albert Koltveit

In memory of Fred and Lorraine Pribbernow

In memory of All those who could have used a little more help.

James van Zee

In honor of Barbier & Rolnick Families

Leah Harris

Charlene Wallen

Jacqueline Lewis

In honor of Ingeborg Pickert

Julie and Bob Wagner

Mariam McCall

In honor of Ross Donnelly

Robb and Lani Drake

RaeAnne & Charlie Rousso

In celebration of Vogeli Family

In memory of Justin Timothy Horne

In honor of Lori, Mark, and Taelor

Will & Karen Hargreaves

In memory of Paul & Kathleen Dougherty

In memory of our moms, Sally and Joan

In memory of Milt Furness

In memory of Minoru and Saji Kanazawa

In honor of Kathryn Deupree and Kristine Cramer

Patricia Nord

Patricia Emmons and Shmuel Elad

Judith Sylte

In celebration of Dianne Aprile and Ken Shapero

Deborah Dain

In memory of Marsha Ramsey Sherwood

In memory of Eugene Schwartz

In celebration of Bonnie Curran and Matt Lynch

In celebration of Lynda O’Shaughnessy and Tom Demlow

In memory of Jordan Taggart

In memory of Sheila & Jack Bristol, Thelma Lawson

In celebration of Elizabeth Leber and Andrew Coveler

In memory of H. R. Mathews

In honor of Sean Harrington

In memory of Elizabeth Smith

In memory of Annie, Hilary, Fran and Miles

Jennifer Tseng

In memory of Milton & Adelaide Mawbey

In honor of my parents

In honor of Christopher & Jocelyn

Megan Hilfer

In celebration of Steve Eng

In memory of Rowan

In celebration of Philip Chen

In memory of Daniel Schirra

In memory of David William McKay

In celebration of Barbara Meyer and Terry Ellard

In celebration of Caryn & Matt Woodward

In memory of Ruth Harold

In celebration of Sara Waterman and Curtis DeGasperi

Jill and Murray Andrews

John and Joan Watkins

Roger and Diane McRea

In memory of Marjorie, Bill, Carol, Dorothy, Lee

In celebration of Perri Lancaster

Kristina Paulsen

In memory of Mary Ann Bentham

Barbara Innes

In memory of S.C. Das and H. Das

Nancy Wood and Charles Hendrick

Darla Fox and John Crull

In memory of Elise Ketcham

Mary K. Neumeister

In memory of Geneva Borell

In celebration of Jackson Lancaster

Ben Low and Peggy Riehle

In memory of John E. and Marjorie L. Evans

In honor of Local Journalism

In memory of Warlito and Justina Ignacio

In memory of Leo, Geri and Shari Peterson

Willaim and Beverly Riedler

Carolyn Hoisington

In memory of James and Dana Trulson

Dee Strand

Joseph and Ragnhild Kittay

Patty & Denny Kuykendall

The Wagners and Taylor Muller

In memory of Scott, Dad, Albert & Dale

In memory of Linda (Wagner) Legasse

Sarah A. Cooley

Carol and Bob Spangler

In memory of Kelsey Jennings & Devlin Baker

In memory of Guy and Reta Rappe

In memory of Gwen Boys

Anna Celich

Eleanor L. Chase and Stuart E. Chase

In memory of Angela

In memory of Dorothy M. Blanchard

Christopher L. Johnson

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Heller Law Firm, PLLC

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Give for Good

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In memory of Elizabeth Ann Smiley


Louisa and Richard Yarmuth

In memory of Sita Devi Pillarisetty

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John and Janine Rose

In honor of Alan Fisco for his service to the community

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Glad to have an opportunity to support the amazing work you’ve done

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Dr. William A. and Lydia Johnson, Walter and Doris Finholm

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