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On hand from the beginning

When Opal was born full-term, everything appeared to be perfect, and her parents, Jessica and Derek, were thrilled to welcome their first child. But soon Opal was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit. At three days old, she needed bowel surgery and had hearing loss in one ear.

Opal’s pediatrician connected them with Kindering to address her physical and motor delays as Opal was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic condition.

“She might be in a wheelchair, she might not be able to walk or run or anything — that’s what we were told,” Derek remembers.

Now Opal is walking, running, tumbling, talking, and is a genuinely happy child.

“Kindering was here from very early on and is a huge part of Opal’s life,” says Jessica. “They really earned my trust with their holistic approach.”

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

Getting help for the holidays

“I can’t believe this happened,” Chelsea said while in line for The Salvation Army food bank. “I have a college degree, and I had a good job. Then everything changed.”

Chelsea had a 10-year career with a large retailer. She studied business management in college and was proud of being selected for a management trainee program. She hoped to be promoted soon.

But her mother’s health began to decline, requiring round-the-clock care. Chelsea had to choose between her career and her mom. “She raised me as a single mom and gave me everything I needed. Now, it’s my turn to take care of her.”

“When I was working full-time, I could purchase whatever I wanted. But last year, this food bank helped me through Thanksgiving,” she said. “Dinner was just as delicious as always.”

Youth Eastside Services

Youth Eastside Services

Jordan overcame substance use

As a child, Jordan developed severe anxiety. By middle school, he was experimenting with substance use, and by high school had been arrested and expelled. After completing a judge-ordered substance use treatment, he started a new school, but his anxiety resurfaced with severe panic attacks. A teacher referred him to the Youth Eastside Services (YES) school-based counselor.

“Just being able to talk to someone and having them listen was very helpful,” Jordan says.

Jordan began to learn healthy ways of coping, and he continued to work with YES by seeking psychiatric services and participating in YES’ Life in Recovery group.

Today, Jordan is pursuing a degree, working full time and staying sober. He’s proud of how far he’s come. “For the first time, I have hope for my future.”

Sound Generations

Sound Generations

Protecting against isolation

What would you do if an older adult you knew was alone, hungry and hopeless? Today, 21% of aging adults in King County live alone, at risk of depression, malnutrition, chronic disease and hospitalization.

Sound Generations provides social connections and access to reliable transportation for a growing number of older adults. Right now, almost 20% of King County’s

population is over the age of 60, and transportation is one of their top concerns. Sound Generation’s mission is to provide a caring community of connections and accessible services for older adults and disabled persons who suffer from isolation, chronic disease or food insecurity.



Nourishing a dream of becoming a chef

Meet Paris, an aspiring chef and restaurateur who attends Green River College and has set her sights on an MBA.

It’s a profound change of circumstance. When Paris was 7, she and her older sister were separated from their brothers, and she would go on to spend time in at least 15 different foster homes. When she was 10, she partnered with Treehouse, which addresses the academic and essential support needs of more than 7,800 youth in foster care statewide.

“Treehouse has been the most consistent support as I’ve navigated many obstacles through my life,” Paris said. “They have seen me grow from a teen to a young adult and never wavered in their belief in me, even when I didn’t even believe in myself.”



No child or family should be homeless

Wellspring Family Services ends the cycle of family homelessness by connecting families in crisis to the services they need to regain and maintain their stability. Wellspring’s wrap-around services include eviction prevention, housing location, a trauma-informed early learning program and a free store that offers clothing, diapers and basic needs for families.

Atlantic Street Center

Atlantic Street Center

Grandmother cares with boundless support

Becoming a grandmother was a bigger change for Ollie than for most. Her daughter struggled with addiction and was unable to care for her son, so Ollie took him in. Ollie’s budget was already stretched thin, and then her granddaughter arrived, too.

That’s where Atlantic Street Center’s Kinship Care program stepped in. The largest support network in King County for grandparents and other relatives caring for children, ASC’s Kinship Care program has provided Ollie with the emotional, financial and educational support she needs to raise her grandkids.

Ollie’s family and friends, along with ASC’s Kinship Care program, have made it possible for her to raise Montrey, now 14, and his 9-year-old sister Destiny. Ollie is grateful to have community support as she raises her grandchildren.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Mentors make a difference

“What I enjoy most being with Derek is someone to relate to,” says Marshall.

For more than four years, 14-year-old Marshall has met regularly with Derek, his Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor. They love animation, football and movies, but their connection is deeper than the latest superhero movie.

“Before I was with the program,” Marshall says, “it was very hard for me to interact with people.”

Like many kids in Big Brothers Big Sisters, Marshall has dealt with big challenges — but he’s also an incredible young man with much to give. His friendship with Derek provided a person in his corner to listen and walk alongside as he navigates life.

“I want to thank Derek for helping me. He’s helped me be a better person and makes me want to become a mentor.”

Asian Counseling and Referral Service

Asian Counseling and Referral Service

Learning new skills for new opportunities

Ittikorn came to the U.S. in 2015 in search of better educational opportunities for his young son. He had worked as an architect in Thailand, but with limited English skills, he had difficulty finding a job in his field or at a wage that enabled him to support his family.

Ittikorn enrolled in English classes and completed a comprehensive employment and training program at Asian Counseling and Referral Service while working full-time as a cook. With support from ACRS staff, Ittikorn completed a training program at Seattle Vocational Institute and now works full-time as a carpentry apprentice for a construction company. He has more than doubled his hourly wage, and now he and his family have been able to purchase a condo and a car, and pay for their son’s preschool and daycare expenses.



Blending science and heart to help

Childhaven is leading a movement to fight the effects of childhood trauma and adversity that are proven to substantially increase academic difficulties, substance abuse, homelessness, diabetes and many other physical and mental health challenges. Their model combines the latest research on relational health, anti-racism practices and healing-centered engagement to achieve healing for children, families, service providers and the communities they serve. Their comprehensive suite of science-based and heart-centered services address the epidemic of childhood trauma and adversity through relationship, partnership and innovation.



Reaching out and finding hope

Lydia’s daughter Yelena was about a year old when Lydia noticed she was struggling to stand and speak. Finding a diagnosis soon involved more than a dozen doctors in several countries, and painful and costly treatments and medications. Meanwhile, Lydia and her two children lost their home.

When they turned to Hopelink for help, Lydia found more than food and diapers — she found hope. By then doctors had diagnosed a rare and progressive genetic disorder, and Lydia’s case manager promised to support her every step of the way.

Lydia moved into Hopelink housing, worked with an employment specialist and landed a job. Today, Lydia and her children are feeling stable, supported and optimistic.

Kent Youth and Family Services

Kent Youth and Family Services

Finding a safe way out

Kent Youth and Family Services received an urgent referral from the Kent police department for a young woman who called 911 to report a rape. When officers arrived, she disclosed that she was being trafficked. She was taken to a nearby ER, where a KYFS case manager met with her and provided support, assessed immediate needs, and built a safety plan.

The client wanted to change her life and return home to stay with loved ones. Working with her case manager over the next several days, the client returned home and restarted life outside of trafficking, with local support referred by her case manager. She still checks in regularly with KYFS to update her case manager on her goals and progress.

The local community agencies supported by the fund.

Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS)

Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS)

ACRS provides an array of support and behavioral health services to Asian and Pacific Islander populations in a multicultural, multilingual setting.
Atlantic Street Center (ASC)

Atlantic Street Center (ASC)

ASC provides anger management, counseling and parenting classes that help transform the lives of many young people who need support and direction.
Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Established and supported 1-to-1 mentoring relationships that positively impacted 1,400 youth and 1,400 volunteer mentors. With the consistent friendship of a mentor, our kids report that they develop strong family and peer relationships, grow confident in their own abilities, make healthy life choices, and achieve academic success.


Healing through connection

Childhaven is leading a movement to overcome the effects of childhood trauma and adversity. Adverse childhood experiences are proven to substantially increase academic difficulties, substance abuse, homelessness, diabetes and many other physical and mental health challenges. Science has shown that a network of supportive relationships early in a child’s life buffers the impact of trauma and adversity, builds resilience, and lays the foundation for optimal lifelong health and well-being. Childhaven connects the latest research on relational health, anti-racism practices, healing-centered engagement, and partners with families and community to strengthen healing relationships around children where they live, learn and play.



Since 1971, Hopelink has helped homeless and low-income children, families and seniors, as well as people with disabilities.

In addition to operating food banks and an emergency shelter, Hopelink provides transitional housing, counseling, child care, transportation and adult literacy training.

Kent Youth and Family Services

Kent Youth and Family Services

KYFS provides professional counseling, education and support services to children, youth and their families in our community, developing innovative programs that meet the evolving challenges of our diverse community in culturally sensitive ways.


Kindering Center is a birth-to-age-three early intervention program providing individualized, family-centered services for children who are disabled, medically fragile or vulnerable because of abuse or neglect.
The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

With practical compassion, The Salvation Army helps provide basics — housing, utilities, food and clothing — that get people back on their feet. They also provide extras that brighten hearts, like holiday meals and toys.
Sound Generations

Sound Generations

Sound Generations is dedicated to providing information and services for older adults and their loved ones. Through programs like Meals on Wheels and neighborhood senior centers, Sound Generations is working to make King County a better place to age.


Since 1988, Treehouse has helped kids in foster care through programs that help them succeed in school, fulfill key material needs, and provide important childhood experiences that every child deserves.


Wellspring Family Services provides a variety of services such as safe and stable housing, early childhood learning resources and essential items for homeless children and their families.
Youth Eastside Services

Youth Eastside Services

Through counseling and community outreach, Youth Eastside Services helps young people and their families overcome drug and alcohol issues, avoid teen violence, pregnancy and suicide, and resolve family conflicts.

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In honor of Loy Loy, Zhi Xu
In memory of Carolee Mathers
In memory of Mary Lou Nehring
In honor of Two Cherished Relatives
In memory of Inez Kirsch
In honor of J.A.C.K.
L. Mallonee & G. Marshall
Jopling Family
Gwenda Llewellyn
In memory of Elizabeth Byrd
In memory of Nancy Breen Apgood
Mona Yurk
Joy Michael McNally
In memory of Dwain & Roxanna
Verla A. Cook
P. Dwyer, D. Steen
In celebration of Jessica and Maddy Powell and Rachel Cahan
In memory of my dear husband, DeLynn L. Krueger, Sr.
Ann & Peter Hanson
Jeff & Susan Jones
Joanne & Lance Kissinger
Alan & Sandra Glenn

Don & Karen Berry
In memory of Annette Iverson
Christine Mustelier
Christine & Michael Sannella
In memory of Ronald Wolcott
Roger Meessen & Susan Mather
Larry & Virginia Erickson
In memory of Dick & Marnie Dean
In memory of Nick Giralmo and Mickey Alvaro
Carla Johnston
In honor of Aryana Goff – WSU, Summa Cum Laude
Sue and Neal Jensen
In memory of Pauline Dalzell
In honor of Hosie Lopez and Perry Wong
Bert Rutan
In memory of our granddaughter Eliana Deeher Neogi Eitelbach
In memory of Edith, Emma, Ann, Dionne, Janice
Val Mosalsky and Carol Moore
In memory of M & D, G & G, M, US, A, H
In memory of Richard Hedges
In memory of Kerry Weitzel
Robert Laing, Marcia Kline
In memory of Barbara Posst
In memory of Raymond K Addleman
In memory of Jamie, Nick, Mom, and Dad
In memory of Ann and Jim Faber
In honor of Kari, Jane, Jean, Sharon and Irma
In celebration of Lily and Jules Meza
In memory of John Joe Tran
Bryce and Luc Birchfield
In honor of Sandra Feinstein
In memory of Michael McQuaid
In honor of Steve Sutherland

In memory of Peggy Newman
Sally Tanner
In memory of Jerry Grillo
Steve and Janet Sisson
Gail J. Konen
In memory of Anthony Janus
In memory of William & Florence Arnold
In memory of Lois Fleck
Karen L. Koon
Beth Kirchhoff
In memory of Betsy Hood
In memory of John Burch
In memory of Shirley Haines
Robert & Mary Bates
In memory of Don, Amelia & Ardelle Williams
Sharon Harada
In honor of Rose and Dan Riley
Elizabeth Pomerantz
In memory of Barbara Gibbs
In honor of Priscilla and Ned
Barbara Stilson
In memory of Paul and Mark Weishaar
The Samson Family
David & Grace Simons
In memory of Mary M. Jacobson
In memory of K.R. Biswas
In honor of Phil Dawson
In honor of James, Dorothy and Marji O’Brien
In memory of Karen Bauer
In honor of Bill & Vicci Beck, and WA and CD Beck
Jayne & Ron Ranheim
In memory of Richard L. Partington
In memory of Stephen B
In honor of Plimpton, Humphreys and Duesing Families
Shelly and Karen
Andrew and Julie Campbell
In memory of Louie and Marilou Ekorenrud
In memory of Jim Harryman
In memory of Peggy Cunningham
In memory of Fern Hastings
Ka Anderson
John, Mary & Jamie O’Brien
In memory of Verne Flotten
In memory of Dorothy J. Burke
In memory of Beth Kenny
Cyrus M. (“Mike”) McNeely
Judy Demetre
In memory of James Francis Stewart
Don and Donna West
In memory of Carolyn Conner

Mary & Larry McDonald
Ronald and Roberta Andresen
In memory of our parents
In memory of Katharine Golding
In memory of Our parents, Gladys & Henry, Kathleen & Bruce
In memory of Charles Hansing
In honor of Teyler and Nicholas
In memory of James M. Cleland, Sr. & Jr.
Dan & Janice Dawson
Lorne and Mary Beth McConachie
Bob Young
In memory of June Bohnert
In memory of Gary R. Rice – we miss you
Mary Lou Colwell
Jim Leong
Jim and Pat Speed
Murray & Jill Andrews
In memory of Charlie Cissna
In honor of Patricia Wieneke
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent DeLuca
In memory of Eli and Rosemarie Syrjala
In memory of Rhonda Small
In memory of Kristine, beloved wife, mother and grandmother
In loving memory of Kristine, Paul, Mary, Ethyl, Greg and Donald
In memory of Kay & Katie
In memory of Lim & Chue Yut Yee
In memory of Thomas J. O’Brien
In honor of Irene, John, Polly & Jerry
Virginia H. Hennes
Bruce & Carolyn David
In memory of Jerry Magorty
In honor of my dad and mom
In memory of David Linse
Kay Adams
In memory of my grandparents
Paul Miley and Kim Garvin
In memory of Patrick T. Mallahan
MSFT-Google-T-Mobile-Apple-Docusign-Expedia-F5 Networks donors at Sikh Centre of Seattle
In memory of Clifford M. Allen
In memory of Clare Paris
In memory of Ted and Joe Giffin, Bill and Billy King, Doris and Florence
Michael & Alayne Fardella
In memory of Barbara Takenaka
In honor of Brig.Joy, Basant Shroff
In memory of Diana C. Gibbs
In memory of Francie
In memory of Janyne Oberdorfer
In memory of Steve Tull
In memory of Dr. Fred Roberts and Ann Roberts

In honor of Amber Taguchi
In memory of my husband, Royal Nordby
In memory of Walter and Evelyn Cahill
In memory of Erwin & Eva Walls
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Crandell
In memory of John Hinshaw
In memory of Mary Noel Riddell
In memory of Dick & Stella Bakota
In memory of Kurt Eisen
In honor of Paula, Peggy and Laurie
In honor of Mark Ruoff
George & Betsy Piano
Elaine & Paul VonRosenstiel
In memory of Roger Christensen
LaVern & Patricia Kuhfeld
Bruce & Pat Finlayson
In memory of our parents
Louise Lansberry
Pete & Bette Osman
In memory of Mr. Spec Fulmer
Marilyn Braarud
In memory of Joe & Verle Ashlock
Geraldine Williams
In honor of the Hongladarom Family
In memory of Susan McCray
In memory of Brian Glass
Terese Freedman & Jim Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Stalcup
In memory of Chris Harman and in honor of Nicky Harman
In memory of Helen Le Faivre
Marjorie & Trimaine Scribner
In memory of Don, Ardelle, and Amelia
Evan and Elizabeth Inslee
In memory of Irwin Treiger
In memory of Rose & Jacob Siegel
In memory of Ann and Al Berg
In memory of Roger Johnson
Beverly Johnson
Mary Nysether
John & Irene Meulemans
Eric & Helen Andersen
In memory of Chris Hellberg
In memory of Clark Gill
In memory of George & Helen Stevens
Mayher Family
Charles Bates
In memory of our parents: Tye, George, Betty & Walt
Jerry & Sally Fehr
In memory of Min and Cherrie Tsubota
In memory of Jack and Lillian Shawcroft
In memory of Frederick and Glen Harper
In memory of Jessie Woodward
In memory of a dear Friend
In memory of Anthony Barbur
In memory of Mary Otto and Marie Dailey
In memory of Cornelia Palmgren
Dennis Shea
Lorraine & Franz Schwarm
Eleanore & William Hadfield
In memory of Rae Kilon
In memory of Richard Allen Curley
In memory of Mr. Yu Xiang Qu
David & Helen Dichek
Donna Nellist
Bill and Kathy Bonney and Tara and Kevin Coffland
In memory of Bonnie Orr, UWMC Microbiology (Retired)
In memory of Mildred Mangum
Lorna Holt
In memory of Bob & Jackie Jacobsen
In memory of Martha and Moe
In memory of Bob Bradbury, and in honor of Jane Ann Bradbury family
In memory of Joy Dyer
In memory of Warren H. Savory
In memory of Helen Nora Wick
In memory of Ryan Heiberg
In memory of Clarence
Rick & Peggy Hudson
Marilyn & Jerry Larson
The Horner Family
In memory of Charles & Jean Gretz
Dee Dickinson
In memory of Dolly, Kelly, and Judy
In memory of Ying-Chen Jim Kuo
In memory of Dennis LaFave
Rizalita Placer
In memory of Maria Leban
Nancy Wood & Charles Hendrick
In memory of Pete, Jean, Marty & Allie
In memory of Jerry Richard
Ruth Zadek Fast
In memory of Bob and Marj Hall
Margery Hjellming
In memory of Jim
In memory of Geneva Borell
In memory of Joe Grant
Shirley Epton
Nancy J. King
In memory of Ivan Little
In memory of Jim Granquist
In memory of Charlotte H. Johnson
In memory of Helen & Virgil Holliday
Sharon Lovejoy
In memory of Krista Nakano
In memory of Bill and Elsie Walker, Cokie Roberts
In memory of George and Martha Matsuno
Judith Schuler
David & Jeanne Elliott
In memory of our beloved son, Scott
In memory of Edward and Ruth Evanson
In honor of our siblings
In memory of Marjorie, Bill, Carol, Steve, Lee, Dorothy, and Lynn
Barbara Rajan
Diana Hunke
Peter & Barbara Harper
In memory of Randy Wells
E Marie Norlen

In honor of Simone Bothell
In memory of George Seebeck
Lee Ruljancich
In honor of Zach and Zoe
Mark Durfee
In memory of Joseph X. Mead
In memory of Nur Cheyenne
In memory of Lynn Linde Rowland
Larry & Bonnie Moormeier
Steve & Linda Reichenbach
In memory of Lenny Lombardi
Steven & Lucy Beppu
Dottie Delaney
Henry and Joyce Kent
Helen S. Jaspen
Rich & Carol Bettesworth
Katherine Olson
In memory of our daughter Andrea
Cornelius & Penny Rosse
In memory of Florence Rardon
James Reid
Gretchen Lambert
Jean & Shaun Savory
Eileen de la Cruz
In memory of Jean L. Unger
Rene Vogt
In memory of Erwin T. Gunn
In memory of Matt Maxwell
Cathy Woodburne
Dave and Susan Hoenig
In memory of Luis & Pricilla Castro and Kiyomi & Mary Hayashi
Dianne Barnes
Jeff and Lynn Stiern
In memory of Ron Skoda
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Goodall
In memory of Bill and Ruby Yokobe
In memory of Sara Lynne Mann
Bill & Michelle Clapp
Michael D. Miller
Kevin Thurner
In memory of Mary Wining
Carol Smith
Marcia & David Utela
In memory of Alex Wright
In memory of brother John
Roberta Muskin
In memory of Nellie
In memory of Wayne Atwood
In memory of Ellen Wrenchey
Ron Mukai
R & D Bollinger
In memory of Paul Sugawara
In memory of Emilia Bergesen
Alan and Bonnie Stone
Jean & Gordon Lambert
In memory of Matt Martinis
In memory of Brian J. Ducey
In memory of Robert F. Rose
In memory of Kurt Bannick
Linda Becker & Peter Costantini
Mary S. Perillo
Sheila and Bob Meeks
In honor of my Thurs. bridge club
In memory of Helen Nichols Knapp
In memory of Bob Bradbury, and in honor of Lynann, Todd, Sharon Family
Wes & Joanie Aman
In memory of Fred and Whilma Boone
Hazel Johanson
Sandy and John Barney
In honor of helping those in need who work hard to overcome circumstances
Charlie and Jean Johnson
Marilyn Gustafson
In memory of Mike Litven
Alan Ruder and Deborah Hyman
In memory of Shirlee and Ron Olson
Margie and Bob Reid
In memory of Bill Visser
In memory of ML & Carolyn Borawick
Margaret Raichle
Eric & Celeste Ackerbloom
Peter and Pamela Kennedy
Barbara A. Carmody
J.P. Lombardi
In memory of William and Gloria Blades
In memory of Pat and Jack Hyman
Susan Allen
In memory of Curtis P. Bailey
In memory of Woody
In honor of Ann and David Wetter; Andy and Sharon Bostrom
In memory of Judy Hickman
Ruby and Stella Hooper
Ed and Marcia Schroeder
In memory of: Friend and tennis partner Tom Monahan
Barbara Innes
Jim and Mary Sletten
Georgia Thurmond
Ray and Sue Mooers
In memory of Wayne D Larkin
In memory of Rod A. Madrigal
In memory of Ronald K. Hammer and Ingrid Hammer
In memory of Chuck Zwiers
In memory of Don Brown
In memory of Lyle Torpey
Niki Roe
John and Carol Mack
In memory of Brooks Hall
In memory of Tim Watts
In memory of Mary and Donald Gowing
Phyllis Lee
Bert and Josie Golla
In memory of Steve Mitchell
Jim and Yong Sun Naeher
Sudha Mishra and Rajesh Jha
In memory of Margaret Boyd and Gretchen Carney
In honor of Gwen Boys
Ronald D. Chase
In memory of Joe Mead, a True Hiller!
In memory of Bill Scott
In memory of Bette Richardson
In memory of Anne, Ben, Beverly & Howard
Katy Lowry and Geoffrey Rutledge

In celebration of BI Worldwide
In honor of Terry B Calvert
In memory of Linda Sue Diehl-Lewis
Terry & Kari Block
Janice Crosetti
In memory of Edgar and Anne
In memory of John D. Alexander
In memory of Betty Mather
In memory of Norma and Norman Radin
In memory of Harry E. Sleder
Michael & Beverly Doleac
In memory of Pauline Ludwig
Ryan Sharp & Kerri Corkrum
In memory of Helenanne Lowe
Jack Broom
In memory of MJ
In memory of Marianne DiJoseph
In honor of Chuck Alm, In honor of Dick Brandt, In honor of Dick Crockett
Sue Pruner
Charles and Doris Ray
In memory of Jean Sundborg
Kathy and Les
In honor of Jake & Dylan
In honor of my friend Lu
In memory of Lola Louise Erickson Randhawa
Stacy and Rose Kanda
In memory of Ethel Taylor & Margaret Bernard
In memory of John Garvey
In memory of Kitty and Joan
In celebration of Hector Valadez Jr
Charlie Peppler
In memory of Jayne Boelman
In memory of Laura Olin
In memory of Leonard and Phyllis Novak
In memory of Mama & Papa
Loretta Smith
In memory of Chet & Connie Smith and Roy & Lil Nordby
In memory of Lloyd and Joan Smith
In honor of Alex and Janusz
In memory of Geroge Jee
In memory of Charles and Gloria Carpenter
In memory of Ed Heavey
In memory of Fritz Schreder. We miss you.
In loving memory of Katherine Eisen
In loving memory of Pat and Jack Baird
In memory of Evelyn Lotz
In loving memory of Lois West
In loving memory of Mary and John Healey
In honor of all volunteers!
In loving memory of Mary Parker
In loving memory of Mary Rae Ford
Drew & Kirsten Thompson
In memory of Jim and Jackie
In loving memory of Lorrayne Ruoff

In memory of Emily Bone
In memory of Mary & Jerry Shandorf
In memory of Josephine E Ritchie
In memory of Clifford M. Allen
In memory of Bob Pittman
Ed and Marcia Schroeder
In memory of Rosemarie and Eli Syrjala
In memory of Irma & Loraine Schempp
In memory of Henry & Barbara Hewitt and Warland & Virginia Wight
In memory of Roman & Perpetua Cruz
In honor of Tsara Borsting
In honor of Dorothy and Roy Linn
In memory of Willem & Klasiena Mantle and Marvin Onstott
Judith Finn
Robert & Susan Roetcisoender
In honor of M Moore
In memory of JoAnne and Paul Hamilton
In honor of Brendan & Jordan King
In honor of Kerstin Gleim
In honor of Terry B Calvert
In honor of Evan and Jaxon Melendez
In honor of Fred & Anne Wicknick
In memory of Becky Hilderbrand
In memory of Jeanne and Annie Phillips
Sam & Lynn Stevens
Dave and Sue Williams
In memory of Varda Juno
In memory of Richard Elwin Cole
L&E Hart
In memory of Al & Ruth Uberti and Ruby & Randall Spencer
In memory of Al, Doris, Ken and Rick
Barbara & Howard Harrison
In honor of The Birth of Jesus Christ
In celebration of The Andersons, Germains and kids
In celebration of Rob, Erica, Adrieanna, Zoe
In memory of Mom and Dad
In memory of Kitty & Brian Morgan
In honor of Bow Cedar Community Farm
Anne Kusaka & Matt Cavanaugh
In honor of everyone who protects American democracy
Robert and Donna Dughi
In memory of Joan Smyth and Patricia Judge
In honor of Tommy and Quinn

In memory of PollyPP
In honor of Miles and Desi
In honor of Molly Evans
In memory of Marion Gentry
In celebration of Alice Reed
Paul Haugland
In memory of Richard Layton
Dick Bowman
In memory of Kathleen Ardena
Larry & Kathy Kripps
In memory of Nellie Hougham
Bob & Toni Leitner
In memory of Mary Kathleen (Farley) Brown
In honor of Katie, Ian, and Benji Ferguson
In memory of Pierre Dorratcague
Colleen Duffy
In honor of Michael Danjoux
In memory of Vera Munko
In memory of Ival F. Roberts
Morton & Dolores Willits

In memory of Ruthie McCullough
In memory of Luann Chinn
In celebration of Pete and Leah Austin.
In honor of federal workers
In honor of fine local reporting
In memory of Ruth Dennis
EE & DM Hapke
Don Ries
In memory of Roman & Perpetua Cruz
In memory of The Pike Family (UK)
Bruce and Barbara A. Olmstead
In memory of Octavia Burton
John & Julie
John and Nancy Gilbert
In honor of The Frerichs Family
Janet Vincent
In honor of Grandson Leif
In memory of Harry Alcott, my grandfather
Danene Millard
In memory of our beloved parents
In memory of Dorothy Lobrano Guth

In memory of Dr. Karl Johnson
In memory of Leonard & Phyllis Novak
In memory of Doreen & Geoffrey Beckest
In memory of Therese Aune Cafferty
Roby Ryan
In memory of Frank and Margaret Pope
Paul Dwyer & Diane Steen
In memory of Lisa S. Sawtell
In memory of Clarence & Lydia Johnson
In honor of Ewan Duncan
In honor of Kathy Brand
In memory of Scott Birkland

Mary Lou & Jim Wickwire
Warren Bakken and Lynn Phillips
In memory of Richard R. Radloff; In honor of Nancy Peregrine Rodgers
In honor of Wyeth & Aida Daly
Arlene Bryant & Kevin Connolly
In memory of Peter Medalia
In honor of Catherine Fahey-Fleming
Marjorie N. Murphy
In memory of Boyd and Nancy Peterson
In memory of Lloyd, Joan, and Barbara
Colleen Costigan & Rick Talbot
In memory of Dr. Karl Johnson
In memory of Leonard & Phyllis Novak
In memory of Doreen & Geoffrey Beckest
In memory of Therese Aune Cafferty
Roby Ryan
In memory of Frank and Margaret Pope
Paul Dwyer & Diane Steen
In memory of Lisa S. Sawtell
In memory of Clarence & Lydia Johnson
In honor of Ewan Duncan
In honor of Kathy Brand
In memory of Scott Birkland

In celebration of Molly Fischer and Paul Flyer
In celebration of Lorne and Mary Beth McConachie
In memory of Cuzzin Carol
In memory of Robert Tso
In memory of Bertha and Harold Winnett
L. Mallonee & G. Marshall
In honor of the Fischbach Family
In memory of Grandma C. and Kathie
In memory of Vera Munko
Ed & Pat Merritt
Mary McEachern
In honor of John & Shelagh Lustig
In honor of Craig Horner, Yao Chen, Erin Horner, Eric Horner
In memory of Bruce A.W. Claridge
In memory of Betty Warren
Gene & Evelyn Gershen
Lu Hilton
In memory of Edward Francis Hester
Nora Hadley-Meenk
Lee Ruljancich
In memory of Gwen and Jerry
In memory of Don and Helen MacDonald
In memory of Mary Ann Bentham
In memory of James and Josie Guido
In memory of Don and Georgia Jackson
In memory of Frank & Amy Kotz
In memory of Jeanne and Jean Guichard
In memory of Joseph Zuver
In memory of Phoebe and Dick Gilbert
In memory of Edith Herndon
In memory of Fred and Whilma Boone
In celebration of John and Nancy Gilbert
In celebration of Steve & Karen Williams
In celebration of Merv and June Coover
In honor of those providing services daily to folks in need
In honor of Chris and Jocelyn
In honor of Mark & Lori
In honor of Kelsey Jennings and Devlin Baker
In honor of my Ototo
In memory of Joan Baxter, Virginia D Lambert & Robin Moi
In memory of James E Mason
In memory of Wilbur H. Vanderpoel
In memory of Oso and Huicho
In memory of our mom and grandma Anna “Onnie” Rash (Andy and Maria Rash)
In memory of Micheal John Grubbs
In memory of Leo, Geri and Shari Peterson
In celebration of Howard and Marli
In celebration of Mary Sherhart & Christian Saether
In celebration of Sally and David Halbett
In celebration of Jim van Zee
In honor of Suzy, Dan, Robert, & Rhonda
In memory of Wilma Post and Tina Solberg
In memory of Edward S. Kornblatt
In memory of David R DeWitt
In memory of Bonnie Posmantur
In memory of John Kemnitzer
In memory of Peggy Newman
In memory of Joan Jackson
In memory of Eve
In memory of Joellen Congleton
In celebration of Rob & Cherry Pickering
In celebration of Rina Reyes & Paul Nutter
In celebration of Mitch & Ellie Mayers
In celebration of Philip Chen
In celebration of The Fulton Family
In celebration of Warren & Tina Koons
In celebration of Lucinda Runyan
In celebration of Oscar Callahan
In celebration of Patty & Denny Kuykendall
In celebration of Dave & Cathie Wlaschin
In memory of Lois Meessen and Mary Jane & Bill Mather
In memory of James Fukuda
Richard J. Troberman
In memory of Cynthia Dundon
Janice Crosetti
In memory of Jane O. Martinez
Bob & Sharon Johnston
Marie Overturf
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Gleason
Richard & Raquel Lackey
Gary Miller & Sharon Feucht
In memory of Melvin Ziker
Jim and Betty Thomas
Anne Howells
In memory of Martha Honda
David & Helen Dichek
Kurt A. & Margo Feichtmeir
Norm and Kathy Wells
Renée Fife
In memory of Jeanne & George Works
In memory of 2 Bobs
Elaine S. Packard
In memory of Joan Engstrom
Don Eklund
Audrey Kellison
Julie & Ned Block
In memory of Steven James Meader
In memory of my parents
William and Mary Ellen Hickman
In memory of Stephen & Irene Werner
In memory of Zoe Roberts & Russell Carr
Denise Martin
In memory of Richard Axell
Ellen Lam
In honor of Robyn Guy & Noreen Olson
Wagoner / Livingston

Nils Holm
Dennis Nagler
In memory of Rudy Broda
Barbara Innes
Dave & Dianne Greene
In honor of the Lundin Family
In memory of Dan & Alice Lyons
Terri Malinowski
In memory of Joe & Verle Ashlock
Robert & Leslie Nolting
Jeanne DeBaets & Kip Kolodziejski
David & Jeanne Elliott
In honor of “Merlin”
In memory of Anthony Janus
W. & E. Larrimore
Christine Marshall
Elizabeth Wilcox
Dale and Jinny Sewall
In memory of Jean Carol Berg from Anna Berg & Ian Gunn
Clifford & Theodora Argue
Amy Kobayashi
In memory of Gene & Mickey Rogers
In memory of Lewis & Olga Purcell
Rita Harder
R.W. Eschenbach
In memory of Dad, Scott, Albert, Margaret
In memory of Nancy Beckett
Ruth and John Rugh
In memory of Mildred Harris
Mark & Debbie Miller
In honor of Granddaughter Hazel
Mary Stanton
In memory of Susie Steen
In memory of Henry C. Parsinen
In memory of Merlyn A. Nellist
In memory of Nancy, Maxine, Gail & Bob Campbell
In memory of Justine, Lotus, and Oline
Eugene & Marie Hos
In honor of Vern Clark
In memory of Leon & Estella Krog
Andrew Coveler and Elizabeth Leber
In memory of David Paul
Ingrid Salmon
Robert & Mary Bates
Jim & Karin Van Vleet
In honor of Roberta Pilon
In honor of Jimmy Petteway
In honor of W. Patrick Boyd
In honor of Kristin Jones, Kelly Scholl, Christopher Scholl
In honor of The Chirot family
In honor of Linda Bergesen
In honor of Evan and Jaxon Melendez
In honor of Kathryn Deupree and Kristine Cramer
In honor of Tim & Gina Ross-Boon
In honor of local journalists who collaborate on homelessness in a yearly effort started by Greg Hanscom
In honor of Tomi & Henry Hirano
In honor of my parents
In memory of Annie, Fran, Miles and Dan
In memory of Edward J Lewis
In memory of William G. Dillon
In memory of Timothy Carroll
In memory of Margaret Boyd and Gretchen Carney
In memory of Paul & Kathleen Dougherty
In memory of Danny
In memory of Kitty & Don Naylor
In memory of my mother, Aloha
In memory of John & Therese Dixon
In memory of Justin Timothy Horne
In memory of Curtis Alan Carpp
In memory of Nancy Coddon
In memory of Tim Axtell
In memory of My Granden, Denis Dunning
In memory of Dean and Joy Worcester
In memory of Jordan Taggart
In memory of David F. Magera
In memory of Carol Merritt
In memory of Christina McKenna
In memory of Bill and Florence Arnold
In memory of Thomas F. Jones and my friend’s parents who have recently passed away this year
In memory of Albert Koltveit
In memory of Shari, Leo and Geri Peterson
In memory of Timothy J. Lynch
In memory of my Mom Sandy and my Grandmother Myrtle
In memory of Al and Harriet Hansom and Grata Lenahan
In memory of Monika Guadalupe Zulliger-Bopp
In memory of Inez Whitmore
Harry Hettinger
In memory of Ron Babcock
In celebration of Cyndie Hargrave
In celebration of John and Gilda Brown
In memory of Rick Langley
In memory of Ed Zoebisch, In memory of Nancy Gordon
Gail Hongladarom
Mary & Paul McGrew
In honor of Great Friends
In memory of Jim & Dana
In memory of Lola Louise Erickson Rhandawa
In memory of Mary Ellen Beyer
In memory of Nell,Bill,Dee
Edward M. Siegel
In honor of all kids at Big Brothers Big Sisters
In memory of Ken Teller
For my birthday
In honor of JVB, best dad ever
In memory of Ying-Chen Jim Kuo

In memory of Judy, Kelly, & Dolly
Charlotte Gubernik
In honor of Mary Louise and Jack Halm
Wesley J. Francis
In memory of Elizabeth Ann Smiley
Kenneth Johnson & Priscilla Fitzhugh
In memory of Abraham M.S. Goo
In memory of John, Ruth and Delores Balaoro
Dester & Jennie Summers
David K. Morton
Carla Johnston
In memory of Kirby Brown
In memory of Stan and Betty Bates
In memory of Ray & Claire
In memory of John Raichle
In memory of Tom Christian
In memory of S.C. Lin
Natalie & Jeff Yusen
Pete & Ana Marshall
Stanford Prince
Microsoft-T. Mobile Sikhs/Sevadars at Sikh Centre of Seattle, Bothell
In memory of Jeanette & Warren George
In memory of John E. Iverson
Cameron & David Given
In memory of thelma Fedele
Gary & Consuelo Corbett
Judith Finn
Jo Evans & Art Freeman
Gail & Bjorn Sorensen
In memory of Karl & Theodora Pisk
Carol Enderson
Jill B. Anthony
In memory of Carvel del Fierro
Mary Sweet
Caren L. Toney
In celebration of Christmas Eve Bunch
Aylee Welch
In celebration of Beverly Freeman

In honor of Neal and Ethel Kirkpatrick
In honor of Richie and Jovi
in honor of my family
In memory of David
In memory of Melanie Baker-Bowman and Elliott Satoru Baker
In memory of Robert & Jackie Jacobsen
In memory of Bob Kelly
In memory of Mitsuko and Fred Ito
In memory of Colm Robert Noone
In honor of Molly Hoffman
Leslie Wagoner
Bonnie Jennings
In memory of Lee & Joanne Jacobi and Agnes Pedersen
Leslie Grace
Mariella Brock, Taylor Brock, Atticus Sebastien, Tallula Sebastien
In memory of a Pearl Harbor survivor
Mia Thiagarajan
Margaret Rambo
Bill and Janet Hayes
In memory of Elsie May Gross
In honor of Patricia Lofstedt, In honor of John Lofstedt
In honor of Leah Wade
In honor of Lanchester & Miller Families
Charlett Cordova
In memory of Melissa Landers; Pete & Sam Strauss
In memory of Richard and Paul Freitas
In memory of Peggy Bussman
Warren and Bernice Quinn
In memory of John & Agnes Calbertson
Chris Goelz & Joanne Abelson
Sue & Ray Mooers
Russ Pogemiller
In memory of Donald E. Haggen
Suzanne Hunter
In honor of Tsara Borsting
In memory of Ann H Sankey
In memory of Ziomara Rivera
In memory of Harry Stasino