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Daniel Taylor, 18, is a recovering heroin addict who was helped greatly by the outpatient program at Kent Youth and Family Services. A few years ago he started taking Adderall, a prescription stimulant, to excel at work and school and moved onto harder drugs, until he tried heroin at age 17. Eventually he began using every day, convincing himself that he could hide it well, and that he wasn't addicted. "I was stuck on this idea that everyone was worse than me," Taylor said. After inpatient rehab, he was recommended to Kent Youth and Family Services for inpatient counseling and programs. "Inpatient opened up my eyes," he said. "But this place gave me a place to go every day, where people were willing to listen, and they were just here to help you." Taylor has been clean now for over 13 months.

Photographed at Kent Youth and Family Services Wednesday December 16, 2015.

Teen heroin addict recovers with agency’s help

Daniel Taylor was a smart kid who did well in school. He was also a heroin addict. After inpatient treatment, he received counseling, support and lasting help from Kent Youth and Family Services, an agency supported by The Seattle Times Fund For The Needy.