Help us reach
our goal of $1.3 Million

Over the past 36 years Fund For The Needy has raised over $19,000,000.

Ensure that local nonprofits will continue to provide vital programs and services that serve children, seniors and families throughout the Puget Sound region.


Total as of January 19



The people, places and events behind our annual drive


The Seattle Times tells the story of 12 organizations that make a difference in the lives of thousands


Diving into traditions, Pacific Islander youth see a bright future with nonprofit’s help


Teen heroin addict recovers with agency’s help


Nov. 27 through Dec. 22.

Argosy Christmas Ship Festival

Catch the wondrous spirit of the holidays as you cruise through local waters and listen to some of the Northwest's finest choirs, A portion of all ticket sales will go to benefit the Fund For The Needy.

Dec. 1 through Dec. 31

glassybaby gives

Throughout the month of December, visit the University Village glassybaby location where 10% of sales will benefit The Seattle Times Fund For The Needy.

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From Kay Adams

Proceeds from the AFI Golf Tournament: $909

A gift for Mary and Dennis Rogers

A gift for Emily, Daniel, Jaxon and Bennet Rogers

A gift for Matt Winne

A gift for children with vision problems

A gift for Cayleigh and Brody

A gift for  Tara Coffland, remembering that giving is its own reward.

From Warren Bakken and Lynn Phillips

From Dianne Barnes

From Ron and Carol Berry

From Ann R. Buchanan

From Allan and Nancy Carson

From Sue and John Carroll

From Susan Casey : $50

From Jane M. Chavez

From Judy Cites and Jim Wilke

From Mary Lou Colwell

From Gloria J. Coles

From Susan Corwin

From Tom and Jan Crews

From  Michael Devlin $50

From the E. O. F. Club : $140

From Eleanor Fordyce

From Dick and Judy Franks

From Charles and Debra Gerton

From Jim and Charlene Gorringe

From John Gowan

From Eleanore and William Hadfield

From Larry Hamilton

From Joan Hansen : $100

From Jerry Harter

From Don and Pat Hickman

From Michi Hirata

From Eugene and Jackie Hofmann

In honor of Ruth Bernes

In honor of Kerstin Gleim

In honor of The Hanleys

In honor of Hongladarom-Crowder Family Children
and Grandchildren

In honor of  Mango, Oso and Huicho

In honor of Ken Bauman

In honor of The Evermanns

In honor of Rozalyn Boyd and Guy Palagi

In honor of: the Navigators, with love.

In honor of the Beach Girls

In honor of  Lance Dickie

In honor of all things good

In honor of G and G O’Brien

In honor of Cole and Juliette Guyman

In honor of Robbie Brown

In honor of Tiago Sipert

In honor of Brandon B. Blake

In honor of Priscilla’s Grandchildren : $300

In honor of local journalism

In honor of the School Supply Drive

In honor of the Seahawks : $112.12

In honor of Mr. Durr, McClure Middle School

In honor of Ms. Renderos, McClure Middle School

In honor of Ms. Phillips, McClure Middle School

In honor of Ms. Fish, McClure Middle School

In honor of Mr. Colwell, McClure Middle School

In honor of Ms. Dowell, McClure Middle School

In honor of Mr. McKean, McClure Middle School

In honor of Ms. Higgins, McClure Middle School

In honor of Mr. Mansfield, McClure Middle School

In Honor of Ms. Hsudeyin, McClure Middle School

In honor of Ms. Whisenhunt, McClure Middle School

In honor of Nicholas and Teyler : $200

In honor of Seattle Unit-Womens Overseas Service League

In honor of The 4 T’s

In honor of S,R,B,E,R

In memory of Tina Anima, McClure Middle School

In memory of R.C. and Eunice Royston

In memory of Ted

In memory of Robert Rose : $50

In memory of Robbie Kenny’s recently deceased father

In memory of Patricia Norgard

In memory of Carl and Jeanne Weber

In memory of Gene Horbach, Bob Simon and Irene Rodriguez

In memory of Suzanne Ruff

In memory of George Sofer

In memory of  my husband Leonard Sarason who is forever missed.

In memory of Ina and Walter Seaman

In memory of Mom, Dad, Marianne and Rudy

In memory of Kitty and Joan

In memory of  Ryan Andrew Noggles

In memory of My Beloved Dolores and our daughter Kelly

In memory of  Brent E. Godding $100

In memory of Varda Juno from Dr. Philip Juno : $200

In memory of V. Cameron

In memory of my Dad and Mom

In memory of Sue Carel

In memory of Lee Jacobi

In memory of my son

In memory of  Ann and Al Berg

In memory of WMK

In memory of Bruce Sacchini

In memory of  Ben and LaVonne Bement, beloved grandparents

In memory of Cindy Reedy

In memory of Mark Shigihara

In memory of Steve Dolde from his family

In memory of Mom, Dad and my brother Ken: $500

In memory of Janet and Jim Crenshaw

In memory of Bill Watson

In memory of Brooks Hall

In memory of Frederic Henzi

In memory of Michael Gundram

In memory of Oliver and Puss

In memory of Aaron James

In memory of Joan Hooper

In memory of Harold Synstad, Randy Lauer and David Speidel

In memory of my husband

In memory of Dow B. Hays

In memory of Dora Matzen

In memory of John D. Alexander

In memory of Helen Nora Wick

In memory of Warren H. Savory

In memory of John Dexter Kimball

In memory of Donald, Amelia and Ardelle

In memory of Albert Grammens

In memory of our sweet neighbor, Susie

In memory of  Mary, my mom

In memory of James Floyd McQueen

In memory of people fighting cancer

In memory of Mike Litven

In memory of Margaret Guthrie

In memory of  Claire and Rick Reischling

In memory of Michael DeSantis

In memory of Quentin

In memory of Dewayne Conley

In memory of Eudora Peterson

In memory of Mary Noel Riddell

In memory of Ralph Seeger

In memory of  my Mom and Dad, Ruth and Carl Leesman

In memory of Roger Cowell and Mackenzie Cowell

In memory of Bradford Patterson

In memory of Eunice and David Barry

In memory of Lil Thompson

In memory of Edgar and Anne

In memory of Ruby and John Plancich

In memory of Anne Carey Anderson

In memory of  Kay and Joe Tourigny

In memory of Shige Kikuchi

In memory of James Wallace MacIsaac

In memory of James P. Smith

In memory of Ted Weber

In memory of George Wakefield, my cousin

In memory of Judy Hickman

In memory of Our Parents

In memory of Dale Jonasson

In memory of Erwin Gunn

In memory of “Tonda”

In memory of Betty Klineburger

In memory of Sally Samuelson

In memory of  Cornelia Palmgren

In memory of A Pearl Harbor Survivor

In memory of Fred Dalzell

In memory of Verne from Gladys and Sherry

In memory of  Pauline Joan Ludwig

In memory of Bonnie Morin

In memory of my parents and sister

In memory of Joyce : $100

In memory of Marilyn Akita

In memory of Max Shinabery

In memory of  Jeanne and Anne Phillips

In memory of Rolf and Ivie Pettersen

In memory of Myrtle Ellis

In memory of Mom and Dad Ashlock

In memory of Clifford Sylliaasen

In memory of Susan McCray

From the Kittay Family

From Robert and Gail Konen

From David and Vicki Kremers

From Rick and Jan Lanphere

From John and Virginia Larson : $50

From Ellie Liebeck

From Ivan and Marilyn Little

From Barbara and Frank Logue

From Steve and Carolyn Lorensen

From Christine B. Marshall

From Kevin and Ali Mayher

From E. Marie Norlen

From Edna Oberman

On behalf of the Lord God our Savior

From Pete and Bette Osman

From Our Savior Lord Jesus Christ

From Ruth R. Perman

From Ruth Perman

From Hy Pollack

From Marie Prichett

From W. H. Purdy

From Marshall and Joyce Rafferty : $500

From Richard and Cynthia Randall

From E. Rosencrantz

From Julie and Chuck Schisel

From Dorothy Seay

From Webster Sergeant

From Doug and Alice Speers

From Kory Srock

From Isidore Starr

From Bob and Emily Stipek : $100

From Straub Properties

From Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sullivan

From Masako Tanaka

From Michael Tena and Alice Chung

From Steve Tholl and Diane Buckshnis

From Mike and Patti Timmons

From Tad and Fran Wada

From Marilyn Wasemiller

From Kim Williams and Rob Williamson

From James and Sheila Woodcock

From Cathy Woodburne

The World Doctors Orchestra : $17,000

From Roger and Barbara Young

From Mary and Norb Ziegler

From Susan Allen

From Eric and Helen Andersen

From Brian and Ann Ayers

From Anne Bagdon

From Kathy Bainbridge

From Charles Bates

From Mary and Robert Bates

From Al and Joan Beers: $100

From Carol and Rich Bettesworth: $100

From Roger and Delores Bollinger

From William C. Bruzas

From George Bundy

From Chapin and Farrow: $500

From Wuyan and Jessie Chiu

From Lori Cohen and Woody Wheeler: $250

From Irene R. Cunningham

From Norma Davidson

From Lido and Eleonora DiLuck: $100

From Michele Drayton

From David and Anne Duryee

From Lisa M. Ekness

From Larry and Virginia Erickson

From Ruth Zadek Fast

From John Gepner Family

From Kendall Gilbert

From Christopher Gilbert

From Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goodall

From John Gowan

From Raymond M. Gwinn

From Thomas and Rosemary Hackett

From Clint and Diana Hall

From Jane Hamatani

From Steve and Laurie Hansen

From Lawrence and Hylton Hard

From John and Bonnie Harrison

From Violet Hauke: $200

From Richard Hedges

From Virginia H. Hennes

From Mike and Cheryl Herscher: $100

From Margaret E. Hix: $25

From Carolyn Hoisington

In honor of Thomas and Thayer

In honor of Brenna Whiting

In honor of Anne Fidler

In honor of all my Seattle family: $200

In honor of granddaughters Peyton and Sawyer: $200

In honor of the Kinimakas

In honor of Ravi Menon

In honor of the King County Library System

In honor of Bob and Jane Ann Bradbury

In honor of Todd and Sharon Bradbury

In honor of Austin and Colton Bradbury

In honor of Lynann Bradbury

In honor of Rick and Marianne Snyder

In honor of Alice Webb

In honor of Anthony Barbur and Elizabeth Rush

In honor of Bryce and Luc Birchfield

In honor of Ruth Uberti, Albert Uberti, Ruby Spencer and Randall Spencer: $100

In honor of Kevin Sheets

In honor of Zach and Zoe

In honor of Songwriters in Seattle

In honor of my family

In honor of Al

In loving memory of Marianne DiJoseph: $100

In loving memory of James and Josie Guido

In memory of grandmother Gwen Dahley, love Grace (7), Lucy (4) and Elle (1), from their other grandmother, Laura Webb

In memory of L.D. Schnelle

In memory of Helen and Don MacDonald

In memory of Mary Brigham Gowing

In memory of my mom, Lucille Farris

In memory of Nolda Sharp

In memory of Grandma Kay Stiefel

In memory of JCN

In memory of Jim O’Shea: $250

In memory of Fred, Betty, Bud and Florence

In memory of Marvin B. Irish

In memory of Kerin Keller

In memory of Wayne

In memory of Erwin and Eva Walls

In memory of George and Helen Stevens

In memory of Tim Keil

In memory of my husband, Royal Nordby

In memory of Bob (Robert B) Tindall

In memory of Ronald W. Sellers

In memory of Paul Storer

In memory of sister Joyce Pettersen

In memory of Peter J. Wanderer

In memory of Jesus A. Laserna

In memory of Lillian Ness

In memory of Ellen Hanly: $25

In memory of my beloved husband, Ernie Trulson

In memory of my beloved daughter, Mary Riley

In memory of Mary Wilson

In memory of Kurt and Iris Peters

In memory of Edward, Ruth, Ben and Cathy Evanson

In memory of Jody Maurer

In memory of my husband, Jack

In memory of Jack Fidler

In memory of Ken Lindblom

In memory of Don Ehlert and Carol Thomas: $50

In memory of Dwayne Strand

In memory of Steven and Mark Cornwall

In memory of Betty J. Mather

In memory of Sybil Nunnally

In memory of those I have loved

In memory of Rose and Jacob Siegel

In memory of Josh Newton

In memory of Grandma

In memory of James Heidemann

In memory of Richard P. Sartain

In memory of Philip M. Lande

In memory of Robert E. Woodson

In memory of Penny Axelrod

In memory of Bob Emerson

In memory of Jack and Lillian Shawcroft

In memory of Merlyn A. Nellist, my husband, who died 9/30/15

In memory of Robert and Dorothy Fossum

In memory of Pat and Warren Trojanoski

In memory of Lynn Felton Davis

In memory of Charles and Theo Jerauld

In memory of Brothers and Sisters

In memory of Bob Rutledge

In memory of Rosemary Cole

In memory of Kong Shin Boon

In memory of Sam N. Rousso and Frances Moshcatel

In memory of John Burch

In memory of Bella, my cat

In memory of Camille Sperry

In memory of Mary E. Loewecke

In memory of Sue Byrd

In memory of Anthony J. Janus

In memory of William Munson

In memory of Nathan, Frances, Stephen Ash, William Liegeois and Tony Rotermund

In memory of Martha Benedict

In memory of Beth Kenny

In memory of the Seattle SuperSonics

In memory of Dick Boyle

In memory of Alex Wright, 3/24/73-3/8/91

In memory of Bob and Marj Hall

In memory of Lenny Lombardi

In memory of Andreas, Ingrid and Emma Ness

In memory of Helen Curre

In memory of Jim Braun

In memory of Patrick Michael Wallace

In memory of Luis and Priscilla Castro

In memory of Kiyomi and Mary Hayashi

In memory of Matt Martinis

In memory of Hans Lerbrek

In memory of Oliver

In memory of Pat

In memory of John E. Jennings

In memory of Walter and Evelyn Cahill

In memory of Peter Vincent

In memory of Thomas J. O’Brien: $100

In memory of Wally Hageman Jr.: $100

In memory of Florence N. Hoag

In memory of our son Bill

From Barbara Innes

From Helen Jaspen

From Bonnie Jennings

From Charlie and Jean Johnson

From Robert and Joyce Kaya

From Sharon and Scott Kelly

From Henry Kent

From the Klinicke Family

From Bill and Judy Knestis

From Sara and Mark Kranwinkle

From William Lambert: $200

From Gretchen Lambert: $150

From Gordon and Jean Lambert

From Carola F. Lane

From Marjorie J. Levar

From Dave and Dorothy Lilly

From Suzanne Lopez

From Elaine and Jack Mahler

From Dan Margonelli and Chris Nielsen

From Jo Marsh

From Ted Margolis and Susan McClellan

From Tom Mathews

From Robert and Ann McIntyre

From Jacqueline Melsted

From David Merz and Shanta Sabersky

From Metro Bridge Pals

From Sue and Ray Mooers

From Wanda and Jim Moore

From Larry and Bonnie Moormeier: $250

From George J. Muller: $200

From Gayle Murphy

From Ivan and Shirley Nelson

From Eugene and Dorothy Nowik

From Jan O’Connor

From Katherine Olson

From Larry and Lucille Pasco

From Allan Peach

From Mary S. Perillo

From Emily Phillips

From George and Betsy Piano

From Judy G. Poll

From Margaret E. Raichle

From Dorothy R. Reinhart

From Margie and Bob Reid

From Betty Richards: $25

From Bob and Ruthe Ridder

From Karen and Steve Ridlon

From Donald M. Ries

From Romaine Electric Corp.

From Harold and Nancy Ross: $150

From Gaile Rudisill: $100

From Charles F. Sanborn

From Hong and Joann Seung

From David and Grace Simons

From: Randy and Barbara Smith

From Carleen and Greg Snyder

From the Sowatsky Family

From Milton and Reba Tam

From Carol Thixton

From Margy H. Toler

From Ione and Ralph Turman

From Carolyn S. Walden

From Ruth Wallick

From Sharyn Wallin

From Helen Wang and Charles Chu

From Linda Watanabe

From Linda J. Watkins

From Julie and Mike Weisbach

From Robert and Lissa Wells

From Helen and Carl Wick

From Dorothy Wicklund

From Robert and Stella Wood: $100

From Elaine and Pauline Yoshida




A gift for Linda Fay

From Annette Althoff

From Murray and Jill Andrews

From Cheryl Anonson

From Bad Woman Yarn

From Tom and Betsy Bahn

From Andrea and Tim Barber: $5,000

From Sheila Bathurst

From Geraldine Y. Beeler: $100

From Jerry Brown

From George and Sally Chambers

From Patricia and Ted Collins

From Verla Cook

From Diane Cook

From MJ and Bob Creamer: $100

From Dr. and Mrs. Sam Dachs

From Mary Downey

From Mark Durfee: $30

From David and Jeanne Elliott

From Pat and Bruce Finlayson

From Ron and Nadine Fox

From Sylvia Fox

From Art and Kay Gannon

From Don and Sandy Gorman

From Ken and Sandra Gorohoff

From Bill and Jan Grimm

From Peter and Barbara Harper

From Sharon Harada

From Pete Hastings

From Peter Hayes: $40

From George and Gabriella Heffner

From David Henry

From Jon and Kathleen Houghton

From J.A. Hudson

In honor of Robert King

In honor of Bob and Denise Mager

In honor of my brother John

In honor of Ed DeVries

In honor of Robert and Marjorie Olmsted

In honor of Mom, Dave, Matt and Barb, and In loving memory of Dad

In honor of Jim Holtz

In honor of my friends living at Emerald Place Condo

In honor of our parents

In honor of LBR: $100

In honor of Edith, season’s blessings to you

In honor of Andrew Mathews’ birthday

In honor of the Morris and Raimondi Families

In honor of the Woodman Family

In honor of my dear friends Jeff, Mark, Shawn and Terry

In honor of George Birchfield

In honor of Thomas E. Nelson

In honor of Ric Testagrossa

In honor of Bobbie Simone’s 80th Birthday from the Monday
morning tennis group

In honor of treasured friends

In honor of Nancy Williams

In honor of Donna Wigren

In honor of Wendy Townsend

In honor of Jessie Evans Babcock

In honor of Ardelle Williams

In honor of Suzy

In honor of the Humphreys Family

In honor of Pete Iwao and Miyuki Hanada

In loving memory of Conrad and Mary Rynning

In memory of Lars Larsen

In memory of Lynette, Cliff, Jane, Joyce, Mary: $100

In memory of Leonard

In memory of Michael Wistrom

In memory of Dominic Pietro

In memory of Allison Margaret Wright

In memory of Glenn Sekio Matsumoto

In memory of Donald R. Connolly

In memory of Papa (Jim MacIssac)

In memory of Karl and Theodora Pisk

In memory of Ruth Donaldson

In memory of Lewis and Olga Purcell

In memory of Nick Giralmo and Mickey Alvaro

In memory of our loved ones

In memory of David Barber: $100

In memory of Emeilia Bergesen

In memory of Robbi Shane

In memory of Cyndi Crawford

In memory of Beloved Kingsley Grayson: $250

In memory of Joseph X. Mead

In memory of Frank, Golda, Cleo, Maestro and Duke

In memory of Ken Teller

In memory of Julia Budnick

In memory of Mariah Pritchard

In memory of Tiny Gunnerson

In memory of Jordyn Rube

In memory of David Paul

In memory of Linda Norris

In memory of Phillip

In memory of Mary Y. Yee

In memory of David Tramm

In memory of D. W. Custer and LaVerne Peterson

In memory of Joseph Raffaelli

In memory of Jerry Jones

In memory of Faith Saunders

In memory of Hugh Wagner

In memory of our parents

In memory of Gwen Boys

In memory of Philip Norris

In memory of Richard Doran

In memory of Roger L. Benton

In memory of Ruth Graefing: $2,000

In memory of Dr. Rodney Cook

In memory of Lorraine and son Jeffrey Lambert

In memory of Robert Francois

In memory of Olaf Granen: $100

In memory of Frieda Foster

In memory of Milo, Evie and Darryl

In memory of Caroline Byrnes

In memory of Inez Kirsch: $50

In memory of Claire Z. Breslich

In memory of Linda Jacobsen

In memory of Dorothy Dunn Bayley: $100

In memory of Hiroshi and Rose Oyama

In memory of Charles H. Ballard

In memory of Jamie Lundin

In memory of Harold M. Gjersee

In memory of Y. Crosby

In memory of Eliane Irvine

In memory of Susan Fitzpatrick

In memory of our son, Paul Freitas

In memory of Trudy Brown

In memory of Wanda Mathis

In memory of Milo Penovich (Son)

In memory of Jo-Maine: $40

In memory of Michael Lee Nute

In memory of Eileen Bruce

In memory of Starr Benson

In memory of Dave Ditzler

In memory of Patrick T. Mallahan

In memory of Cheryl, Ruth, Jim, Freddy and Shadow: $1,000

In memory of Jean and Jeanne Guichard

In memory of Elizabeth deDesrochers

In memory of Helen Shafer

In memory of Victoria Beck

In memory of Tim Watts

In memory of Ron Skoda

In memory of Lavern and Patricia Kuhfeld: $100

In memory of Eileen Fierling

In memory of Rich Horsfall

In memory of George and Nellie Berninger

In memory of Amelia and Don Williams

In memory of Chet and Connie Smith

In memory of Mom and Dad Stronk

In memory of Leo and Geri Peterson

In memory of Lucille and Gene Williams: $200

In memory of: Mary and Ralph Schafer

In memory of Bill and Billy King, Bill and Doris McDonald, F. and J. Giffin, and C. Tribett

In memory of Colleen Taylor

In memory of Paul and Mark Weishaar

In memory of Adine Fredrickson

In memory of my sister, Ruth A. Benson

In memory of Richard Wigren

In memory of Frank Bihary and George Durham

In memory of Peter Steven Chelemedos

In memory of Nils Haramoto

In memory of Dr. W.A. and Lydia Johnson, and Walter and Doris Finholm

In memory of Arthur and Robin Rice from Rosemary and Rebecca

In memory of Laura Olin

In memory of Ann Jack

In memory of Kenneth, Dolores, and Michael Curry

In memory of Clark and Steve

In memory of Betty Nelson

From Joann Irvine

From Joe and Jerry

From the Johnson family of Redmond

From Beverly K. Johnson

From Trilby and Nick Jordan

From Audrey C. Kellison

From Lucinda Kelly

From Nancy J. King

From Karen Koon: $250

From David Kupcho

From Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Lambinicio

From Sara Levant

From Birgit Lyshol

From Bea MacLeod: $100

From Carol Magraw: $50

From Denise Martin

From Victoria Martinsen and John Miller: $500

From Lori Matheson: $50

From Mike and Corenne  McBeth

From Lee and Elsa Meadows

From Linda Merth, Susan Turner and Pam Mopfelt

From Arthur and Ruby Meyer: $100

From Tom and Bev Millar

From Michael and Michele Miller: $200

From Barry and Marilyn Miller

From Leon and Darlene Misterek

From Mosalsky and Moore: $100

From Robert Munger

From Olympic Manor Garden Club: $500

From Janet D. Osborn

From Sylvia Pollack and Molly McGee

From Margaret Race

From James Reid

From Paul and Marjorie Robertson

From Roka, Ren, Emi and Kai

From Marcia Rutan

From Franz and Lorraine Schwarm

From Rosalye A. Schwartz

From Trimaine and Marjorie Scribner

From Jack and Lou Sharp

From Sallie Shippen

From Ralph and Rosemary Soper

From Byron and Sonya Stevenson

From Barbara Stilson

From Peggy and Sanford Swayne

From Jim and Betty Thomas: $150

From Kevin Thurner

From Jean and Dan Tolfree

From Teresa and Galen Trail

From Susan L. Vestal: $300

From Rene Vogt

From Lance and Charlene Wallen

From Jared Williams

From Douglas and Dianne Wills

From Maureen and Julian Witherell

From Dave and Susan Womeldorff: $1,500

From Nancy Wood and Charles Hendrick

From Fangfang Wu

From Dan and Nancy W. Yee

A gift for Jill and her family, in loving memory of Virginia L. Fortnum

A gift for Regan Cornell: $25

A gift for Riley Huff: $25

A gift for Leah, in loving memory of Danny Matto, a truly wonderful person

A gift for Steve and Laura Mitchell: $100

A gift for William and Melissa Cormier

A gift for David Moxon and Kimberly Vora

A gift for the Barbier and Rolnick families

From Joan and David Allen

From Sally and Bart Amey

From Lynda and Robert Anthony

From Clifford and Theodora Argue

From Joseph Asher: $3

From Jerry and Cookie Auvinen

From Lucas, Ava, Maile and Will Banks: $400

From Bonnie and Bob Bayliss

From Paul and Clara Beeman

From Susan Benson

From Marjorie Bianco and Robert Vernon

From Arlene Bryant and Kevin Connolly

From Raymond and Jill Byrd

From Doris Cairns

From Mac Callahan

From Roy Callahan

From Oscar Callahan

From Anna Celich

From Larry Cheek

From Elizabeth Choy and James Lobsenz

From Bill and Michelle Clapp

From Char Davies and Hou-Phuoc Pham: $250

From Lyn del Fierro: $100

From Y. Dinish

From Michael and Beverly Doleac

From Judith Douglas

From Harry and Joan Ekern

From John and Susan Erickson

From Ludmila Feodorovna Faber

From Michael and Alayne Fardella

From Jeff and Deb Foster

From the Galiotto Family Foundation

From Marilyn J. Giess

From W. Godejohn

From Russ (Bus) Hadfield

From Ron and Candace Hallissey

From Christiana Haldane

From Barbara Hannah

From Carol and Marilyn Hansen: $25

From Elroy and Dorothy Hapke

From David, Mei Yu and Tami Harris of Reno, NV: $ 75

From Rita D. Harder

From Cary and Anna Hayes

From Lars and Sheridan Hollender

In honor of Dale E. Johnson

In honor of Marie Gabrielson: $20

In honor of Jack Broom

In honor of our grandchildren

In honor of Betty E. Bates

In honor of Joseph Tudor

In honor of Evelyn’s 70th Birthday

In honor of the Lundin family

In honor of Jim and Sue Wu

In honor of: Mary, Ted, and Waldo Fellows

In honor of Maguel

In honor of: Gretchen and Big Field

In honor of Duane and Tina

In honor of P. Johnstone, Loos, Evans

In honor of our parents

In honor of Carolyn Bentson McFarland

In honor of The Breast Clinic at Virginia Mason

In honor of Christmas

In honor of Ellen Kinsel and Nathan Rosenthal

In honor of George D. Jee

In honor of six Grandsons and two Great-Granddaughters

In honor of Josefina Lopez, animal lover and treasured friend: $750

In honor of Zane and Samara Nagel

In honor of Henry Kellett

In honor of Susan and Mugs: $50

In honor of Joseph X. Mead – miss you

In honor of Richard Dixon, formerly homeless $200

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bergen

In honor of Mary Ellen Smith

In honor of my daughters, Kristine Cramer and Kathryn Deupree

In honor of Tori, Danny and Waverly Howe

In honor of my friends and family and those in need in our community

In honor of Queen Anne Grads of 1959

In honor of My daughter Ashley who still survives.

In honor of Analise, Kristina, Chloe and Olivia: $100

In honor of Royal, Bob and Beatrice

In honor of Barry Kikuchi

In loving memory of Pat and Jack Baird

In loving memory of John and Mary Healey

In loving memory of Katherine Eisen

In loving memory of Lorrayne Ruoff

In loving memory of Lois West

In loving memory of Mary Rae Ford

In loving memory of David McGarry

In loving memory of Mary Parker

In loving memory of Chip Steelman

In memory of Joey S. Peterson

In memory of Yasumatsu and Mitsu Shigaya

In memory of Fenton Grennan: $25

In memory of Sidney Pederson and Donna Wallen

In memory of Hazel and Steve Eastman

In memory of Jack D. Zeller

In memory of Caroline Jensen

In memory of Julius and Fran Keller

In memory of Dr. James W French

In memory of John A. Wise

In memory of Teddy Grobe

In memory of Judy O’Connor

In memory of Ruth Linduska

In memory of Howard Anderson

In memory of Peggy and Ed Cassidy

In memory of McKenzie and Lindsey

In memory of Roy Alin

In memory of Annie and Fran D.

In memory of K.R. Biswas

In memory of our children’s Grandparents

In memory of Thom and Peter Riehle

In memory of our parents Alice and Buz Hinke, Renée and Gilbert Kirschen

In memory of Priscilla S. Tebbetts

In memory of Roger F. Range, Senior

In memory of Ellen J. Jensen

In memory of William B Knight, Jr.

In memory of Catherine Johnson

In memory of Roy and Vivian Queen, and Karen Liland

In memory of Marjorie, Bill, Carol, Dorothy and Lee

In memory of Mino and Amy

In memory of Dorothy and Jay Duffy

In memory of Joseph and Stephen Hall

In memory of Kristine, beloved wife, mother and grandmother

In memory of Mary McAdams Stapp

In memory of Justine

In memory of Joey X. Mead: $1,000

In memory of my grandparents

In memory of Arthur VanLieshout

In memory of Thomas Dennis

In memory of Robert Tso

In memory of Jerry Magorty

In memory of Warren and Jeanette George

In memory of Faye J. Peck

In memory of my husband Kaz

In memory of Patrick James McGuire

In memory of Etta Baker Stone and Anna Baker

In memory of Charles and Jean Gretz: $100

In memory of Louise and Albert Vas

In memory of Ken and Betty Finn

In memory of Ken and Harriet Hartinger

In memory of John and Betty Cherberg

In memory of Roy and Lois Arns

In memory of Jim and Dana Trulson

In memory of Bill and Ruby Yokobe

In memory of John C. Keenan

In memory of Chuck Lee

In memory of Robert Lyle

In memory of Noelice Carter

In memory of Mom, Dad, Jamie and Nick…we miss you all.

In memory of Dorothy and Wallace Wood

In memory of Maurice P. Wood

In memory of Diane Hodl : $50

In memory of Joyce Francisco

In memory of Lt. Col. Joyce E. Eslick

In memory of Mary Hoisington: $100

In memory of Vic Kaloper from Danica, Brad, Yvette, Zoe and Eli Kaloper: $700

In memory of Ted Fu

In memory of Nigel and Jonathon

In memory of Karen Bauer

In memory of David Winger

In memory of Curt Barnebey

In memory of Rita Mae Broadner

In memory of June Bohnert

In memory of Ruby Torpey

In memory of Ford Thornber

In memory of Carolyn Borawick

In memory of Mary Blackman

In memory of Kenneth and Francine Bergquist: $125

In memory of Martha Kelly

In memory of Diana C. Gibbs

In memory of June Bach

In memory of David James Roodhouse

In memory of Rick Sugawara

In memory of Wayne R. Atwood

In memory of James Seddon Jr

In memory of Mom

In memory of N. Keith Shawlee

In memory of Geraldine Bottomly

In memory of Glenn E. Reece: $25

In memory of Virginia D. Lambert: $25

In memory of Mary Lou Nehring

In memory of Mike Day

In memory of Gene and Thorun Robel: $200

In memory of Iladene Nelson

In memory of Kris Berggren

In memory of Henry and Doris MacLeod

In memory of Colin Langman and Will Kraft

In memory of Pepper- miss the little guy!

In memory of Holly Fotheringill

In memory of Jessie Woodward

In memory of Ann Widditsch

In memory of our Loved Ones

In memory of Dorothy and Orville Bauer

In memory of Rita and Chuck Finn

In memory of Evelyn B.

In memory of Charlotte Padon

In memory of Jack and Roberta Kester

From Ken Johnson and Priscilla Fitzhugh: $350

From Cristie Johanson: $50

From Bob and Sharon Johnston

From David Keene: $100

From Ronald Klein

From J. A. Kriebel: $100

From Richard and Raquel Lackey: $500

From Marianne Lanning

From Kathleen Learned

From Kwang S. Lim: $200

From Tom and Sharon Lovejoy: $100

From Mary McFarland

From Rick and Nancy McManigal

From Pat and Ed Merritt

From John and Irene Meulemans

From Danene Millard

From Glen and Eloise Monson

From Tim and Karen Neville

From Alan and Lisa Nichol: $300

From Linda Oswald

From David and Debra Pearson: $50

From Sissy and Gary Peterman

From Rich and Mary Ellen Peterson

From Robert and Thea Peterson: $100

From PSI Home Inspection Services to thank our real estate brokers for their support.

From Carol M. Purvis

From Norman and Barbara Quinn

From Cam and Tori Ragen

From Barbara Rosenthal

From Lee Ruljancich

From the Saturday Brunch Club: $75

From the Savalza Family

From Henry and Helen Schwartz

From Judith Schuler

From Polly and John Shigaki

From John W. Showalter: $100

From I. A. Simko

From Craig Soper and Carolyn Abelman

From Bjorn and Gail Sorensen

From Stuart and Patricia Speed

From St. Demetrios Philoptochos

From Carol Todd

From Marcia and David Utela

From Fred and Barb Warden

From John and Joan Watkins

From Sharon and Hans Wehl

From Don and Donna West

From Danny and Joanne White

From Margaret L. Zurcher


A gift for Lori, Mark, and Taelor

A gift for Jocelyn and Christopher

A gift for Rex and Irene

A gift for my generous parents: Guenter and Sandy Risse

A gift for hope for those who are struggling

A gift for Donald E. Olson

A gift for those in need: $200

A gift for Deborah Jones

From Donald and Pamela Allen

From Lawrence and Carolyn Anderson: $300

From Alice Andersen, Lucy Blue, Joanne Langkow and Susie Blue

From Nicholas Arron

From Charles Bates

From Aloise C. Bates

From Craig and Susan Bohman

From Gunter and Katrin Bonnofsky

From Branch 79, NALC

From Andrew Bui: $250

From Derek Bui: $100

From D. and N. Bui: $250

From Barbara D. Buringa

From Rachel Cahan and Jessica Powell

From C. and D. Christensen: $50

From Pat and Ron Cygan

From Bruce and Carolyn David

From Kathy Dell

From Mike D. Dillon

From Barbara M. Doran

From Janis and Chandler Felt

From Judy Finn

From Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Gleason

From John and Julie Gold: $2,000

From Nancy Gower

From Jim and Barbara Guess

From Emmett and Patricia Hannifin

From Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hathaway

From Larry and Colleen Hawes

From L. Hilton

From Willis and Jane Hjellming

From Anne Howells

From John and Susan Huether

From Barbara W. Hughes

In honor of Bill McBurney

In honor of Tom and Liz Sharp – Look forward to working with you in 2016!

In honor of Mary Beth Anthony

In honor of Mary Hile …your generosity always remembered

In honor of seven Grandchildren

In honor of Pat and Jay Allison: $75

In honor of Shelley, Kirsten and Mark

In honor of Sheila M. Cox: $100

In honor of Andy Callner

In honor of John, Polly, Irene and Jerry

In honor of Margaret Boyd and Gretchen Carney

In honor of William P. Boyd

In honor of Gloria Graham, Chele Dimmett, Glenda Weibel and Carole Varsegi

In honor of all those who donate their time in support of the charities: $500

In honor of Bellevue Women in Black

In honor of Fran Nicolettas

In honor of Christmas

In honor of Tom and Helen Macnab

In honor of Janet and Les Atlas

In honor of Darcy Atlas

In honor of Patricia Lofstedt

In honor of John Lofstedt

In honor of Louie and Helen

In honor of Julie Shirley

In honor of Karyn and Hunt Branham

In honor of Terrence and Diane Carroll

In honor of Marjori O’Brien

In honor of Judith Olin

In honor of Mom, Dad and Cheryl, my angels. Thanks!

In honor of Jack Broom’s retirement: $250

In honor of my Grandsons

In honor of George Lundin

In honor of Jackie

In honor of the Devin Family Christmas

In honor of Virginia Nelson

In honor of Evelyn Grace Boyce

In honor of Grace and Perry Adler

In honor of Steve Raible and Warren Moon

In honor of Ian and Nina

In honor of Gary James Ryan

In honor of the Hunter Xmas Eve party: $200

In honor of our wonderful Mother and Grandmother, Carolyn W.

In honor of the Sanders Family

In honor of Ammani Subramanian

In honor of Mark Stevens

In loving memory of William and Andrew Rynning

In loving memory of Stephanie Byram

In loving memory of Todd Joseph Maletta

In memory of Yvonne and Mom

In memory of Enola Johnstone

In memory of William G. Dillon

In memory of Grandma C.

In memory of Merrie

In memory of Senator Frank J. Warnke

In memory of all the Troske Family

In memory of Min and Cherrie Tsubota

In memory of Pete and Betty Jayne

In memory of: Robert “Uncle Bob” Asprey

In memory of Pat and Jack Hyman

In memory of Joyce Kikuchi: $100

In memory of Art and Edith Ervin who taught me how to give.

In memory of Joe Mead

In memory of Wilf and Evy Overgaard

In memory of Lev and Dorothea Giffin: $500

In memory of Cliff and Alice Brooks

In memory of my sister Lynn

In memory of Don and Catharine Steffa

In memory of Cindy Boyer

In memory of Marisa Morgan: $500

In memory of Dad, you taught us how to save, so we can afford to give.

In memory of Arval

In memory of Marjorie Mottishaw

In memory of Rita and Howard Baker and Robert W. Brown

In memory of John Metcalf

In memory of Mary Thornton

In memory of Catherine Fahey Fleming

In memory of John and Alberta Kennelly

In memory of Victoria Rossman

In memory of John and Margaret Ward

In memory of Mr. and Ms. Mai Hong Eng

In memory of June

In memory of Fran Barnes

In memory of Fran and Marge Caulfield

In memory of Pete and Mary Rader

In memory of Kerrie Newton

In memory of Bethany and Harry Kauffman

In memory of Gary Porter

In memory of Gayle, Gladys, Andy, Elaine, Ralph and Laura

In memory of Fritz and Elsa Phillips

In memory of my dear Effie

In memory of Ellen K. Wagner

In memory of Rita A. Fields

In memory of Jean Ricker

In memory of our mom and grandma  Anna “Onnie” Rash (Andy and Maria Rash): $100

In memory of Gwen and Jerry

In memory of Tony

In memory of Lee and Joie Jacobi, and Agnes Pedersen

In memory of Larry Ladum

In memory of Paul and Virginia Naeher

In memory of my Husband

In memory of Seattle Times news aides Jane Petersen, Teddy Fisher and Larry Hay

In memory of Ed Zoebisch and Nancy Gordon

In memory of Michael Rizzuto

In memory of Richard D. Osborne

In memory of Betty Warren

In memory of Anne Van Hee and Evo Guerrini

In memory of Celia Clemans

In memory of Admiral Stan Bump, USN (ret)

In memory of Chris L. Ashley: $25

In memory of Ofelia, Ted, Steve, Shelle, Eileen Lindy and Ken

In memory of all the boys

In memory of Terry Sinclair

In memory of Carl, Hubert, Mintrude and Edwin Hackett

In memory of John Eads

In memory of Dad – Hanumantha Rao Jaladi: $101

In memory of father in law – Rama Rao: $101

In memory of Don Brown

In memory of Liu Chin: $30

In memory of Elizabeth Ann Smiley

In memory of Barbara Weinstein

In memory of Lou

In memory of Bertha and Harold Winnett

In memory of Allan Lawson

From Donna Johnson

From Sylvia Jones

From Al and Diane Judy

From Harold and Ruth Kephart

From Elizabeth D. Kincaid and Larry Andrews: $100

From Beverly Kisch

From Betty Knutson: $50

From D. Konma

From Valerie Kreutzer

From Dennis and Lorna LaFave

From Robert and Valerie Laidlaw

From Mr. and Mrs. John Lazzar

From Ruth and Paul Lewing

From Margo and John Limm

From the Lindeke Family Christmas

From Elizabeth Lufburrow and Gerald Herbaugh

From Matt Lynch and Bonnie Curran

From Allyson and Todd Madere: $50

From the Metz Family: $400

From Charles and Mutsumi Metzler

From Karen Michaelsen

From Michael and Kathleen on behalf of family

From Rita J. Miller

From Sam and Tami Mitsui

From Marr P. Mullen

From Mary Ann Mundy

From Eleanor Nelson

From Karen Nims

From Jennifer O’Hara

From James Olson, MD

From Eriann Pearson and Harry Cooker

From Clair W Peffer

From Phinney Neighborhood Businesses and Community Carolers: $425

From Denise Podosek

From David and Cindy Pope

From Ann Pryich-Olson

From the Loren Rasplica Family: $200

From Charlie and RaeAnne Rousso: $500

From Alan Ruder

From Ruth and John Rugh

From Tris Samberg and Michael Hablewitz

From Maggie Samson and Family

From Barbara Sando

From Jane Sheridan

From Bob and Myrna Sherman

From Zoa and Bill Shumway

From Jerry and Lynne Singer

From George L. Soltman

From Helen Baker St. John

From Jack and  Peggy Strother

From Joyce Sumarraga

From Gail Travers

From Richard J. Troberman

From Phyllis Vonwolffersdorff: $50

From the Rob Voss Family and the Adrieanna Dodson Family

From Janet Welle and Tom Covert

From Sandra Wires and Duane Miller

From Betty Yuasa

From Jeff and Natalie Yusen

From Mr. and Mrs. John Zanatta

From Steve and Lyn Ziskind

From Joanne Abelson and Chris Goelz

From C. and M.L. Adams

From Janette and Bill Adamucci: $500

A gift for kids who deserve as good a start in life as I had

A gift for Marilyn and Stan Beeksma

A gift for Aaron Hitchcock: $100

A gift for all who will benefit, Happy 2016!

From Delores Anderson

From N.R. and G.S. Anderson

From Bill and Kathy Ayer: $50

From Sandy and John Barney: $200

From Linda Becker and Peter Costantini: $500

From Donna L. and Robert D. Bergman

From Barbara Beyers

From Lee Bowen and Sue Gilleland: $200

From Karen Colbert: $100

From Andrew Coveler and Elizabeth Leber

From Don Eklund

From Kit Eppel

From Decky Fiedler and Roland Barach

The 5th Avenue Theatre benefit performance of
“The Sound of Music”: $33,100

From George and Geri Flynn: $100

From Linda S. Foley

From Con and Joan Giacomini

From John, Nancy, Nate and Eleanor Gilbert

From John and Tracey Gilbert: $1,000

From Bob and Joan Glick

From Allan Goldman and Judith Stone-Goldman

From Abraham and Shin Quon Goo

From Cynthia Gorr

From Nancy Green

From Joan and Bob Harrison

From Nils G.J. Holm

From Diane L. Hooper

In honor of Wilbur H. Vanderpoel

In honor of homeless families everywhere: $250

In honor of Barrett Keitges

In honor of Chris Bennett

In honor of Lisa Keitges

In honor of Heatwoles

In honor of Dale Rankin

In honor of Ellen, Jared and Adam

In honor of Linda Bergesen

In honor of the Frerichs Family

In honor of Kate, Josie and Alexandra

In honor of Alyssa, Susie, Brian, Cole, Ruby, Naomi, Elliott,
our “kids”

In honor of Muhsine Tabakci: $500

In honor of Alison Wewerka: $100

In honor of Elizabeth and Ivan Smith

In honor of George Lundin

In honor of Lois Meessen

In honor of our family

In honor of Mary’s Place

In honor of Mary Christianson and Dan Klein

In honor of Bill Kossen, a generous friend

In honor of Brian Mallonee

In honor of Bob Kelly

In honor of Lorne and Mary Beth McConachie: $1,000

In honor of Kelsey and Devlin Baker

In honor of my loving children, John and Shelagh Lustig

In honor of my loving children, Rich and Lisa Hernandez

In honor of Jack Broom

In honor of Peter Medalia

In honor of Bob and Dorothy Hargreaves

In memory of Morty Weingarten and Ray Thon

In memory of Raymond C. Guth

In memory of Michael John Grubbs

In memory of Gene B Rogers

In memory of Merlin

In memory of Marcy Rand

In memory of our son Justin T. Horne

In memory of Victor and Luisa Rabanal

In memory of Cleo and Bruce Hemphill

In memory of Marta L. Tribble: Happy Birthday, Grandma!

In memory of Edward A. Hall: I miss you, Dad.

In memory of Edna Gordanier

In memory of Eve

In memory of William and Florence Arnold

In memory of Mom and Dad Weber

In memory of Henry Parsinen

In memory of Jamesan

In memory of James and Donna Rudden

In memory of Mom, Dad and Galen

In memory of Joan Marie Kennedy

In memory of Paul Schneider

In memory of Jack Rose

In memory of Alice Hurd

In memory of K.R. Biswas

In memory of Charley Toepel

In memory of Richard Stonecipher

In memory of James Schiller

In memory of Alberta Gifford

In memory of Charley Treanor

In memory of G. E. Hentschell

In memory of Craig Shrum, loving father

In memory of Mitzi and Taj,  beloved kitties

In memory of Bill

In memory of Adrienne Dillard-Coons

In memory of Margaret Merryweather

In memory of parents

In memory of Fran Dauelsberg and Cliff Burger who left us
too soon

In memory of Laurette Ryan

In memory of Richard Axell

In memory of Audrey Beckett

In memory of Maxine, Gail and Nancy M. Campbell: $3,000

In memory of Mama and Papa and all the kitties

In memory of Dan Clement

In memory of Steve Tull

In memory of James Visser

In memory of Joy and Dean Worcester

In memory of Noble and Marion Welch

In memory of Mary Kelly Brown

In memory of Bradley Cabreros

In memory of my 2 moms, Dorothy Pratt and Arlis Haldeman

In memory of my mom, Ruthie Bowers

In memory of Dorothy Jean Stone, P’burg, N.J.

In memory of David F. Magera

In memory of Neil Sundberg

In memory of Owen and Lucille Sweeney

In memory of Robert E Woodson

In memory of Sam and Alyce Smyth

In memory of Jack and Ginger Phillips

In memory of Cap’n Bob Catlow and his wonderful parents,
Robert and Mary: $100

In memory of Fred and Lorraine Pribbernow

In memory of May and Tony Gomes

In memory of Shirley Berge

In memory of John Ormiston

In memory of Kathleen Ardena: $200

In memory of Alf and Ruth Lied

From Chris Johnson

From the Jones-Moore Family: $100

From Ron and Jackie Jostol: $500

From Sharon I. Kean

From Kearns Investigations, Inc.: $200

From David and Karen King

From the Linse clan: $100

From Gwenda Llewellyn: $50

From Susan Lynette and Jonathan Hall

From Joy Michael McNally

From Roger and Diane McRea

From Patricia Moberg

From Anthony and Vera Munko

From Alice and Richard Nelson

From Mary Nysether

From the Parks Family

From Pateric Software, LLC: $1,200

From Bill Pierson: $200

From Mr. and Mrs. Warren Quinn

From Riggs/Wester

From Marjorie Rombauer

From Robert Rosen: $25

From Paul Rupnick

From Bill Schliiter and Gloria Kimball

From Yvonne Steed

From Todd, Lauren and Carrie: $1,200

From Lucy Vaughters and John Hanratty

From Charlotte Von Lossow

From Wagoner/Livingston

From Lance and Charlene Wallen

From Tom and Bonita Williams

From Martha Woodman

From Virgy Lou Woods

From Jerry and Nancy Worsham

From John and Merritt Atwood

From Darrel Barton

From Charles Bates

From Emily Bone

From Herb and Angie Clute

From Ellen Dissanayake

From Virginia and Larry Erickson

From Birte and Jim Falconer

From Joan and Irwin Goverman

From Carolyn Hoisington

In honor of Nancy and Rod Brewster

In honor of C. Shultz and B. Eggleston

In honor of Ryan and Roland Suparman: $200

In honor of Terry and Melodie’s loved ones

In honor of Childhaven

In honor of Nancy Hoynez

In memory of Lyle Stroschein

In memory of Dick

In memory of David Snee

In memory of Donovan W. Jones

In memory of Dad, Scott and Albert

In memory of Bill Powell

In memory of Kimiko Oshida

In memory of Donald Earl Mortensen

In memory of Patricia D.

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Nelson

In memory of Cody

In memory of Claire Barger

In memory of Rolf and Ivie Pettersen

In memory of Pa Pa John

In memory of Maria Magdalene

In memory of Twila and Dolly and Sissy

In memory of Ralph

In memory of Edna Yost

In memory of Michael Gubernik

In memory of W. and W. Lancaster

In memory of Frank and Margaret Pope

In memory of Everett

In memory of Mary Lynch and Linnea Berg

In memory of Laura and Lisa Mammoser

From Bob Landstrom: $1,000

From Vinati Mamidala in support of Kindering and Senior Services: $150

From Sidney and Glenn Miller

From Alan Moores and Suzanne LaViolette

From Suzanne Poppema and John Cramer

From Jim Price

From Dale and Jinny Sewall

From M. Simon

From Stommel Family

From Patricia Whitmore

From Sheila Bathurst

From Betty Gard: $50. This is a wonderful way to contribute!

From Tom Grow

From In K. Hur

In honor of Lois Fleck

In honor of David Moxon

In honor of mom’s birthday: $30

In honor of Kevin and Katie

In honor of Alvin Brown’s 102nd birthday

In honor of Emerson and Doris

In honor of Dwight, former resident of Heritage House

In memory of Alice Cameron

In memory of McKenzie Sue

In memory of Erma and Harry Smith, and Franz and Merilyn Wangerin

In memory of Gregory Jacobson, Ruby Jacobson and Art Lustig

In memory of Gary Shurtleff

In memory of Mommy, Daddy and the rest

In memory of Donald E. Haggen

In memory of Dorothea Marshall

In memory of Anita Gibbs

In memory of Cathi Carr-Lundfelt

In memory of Mary C. Rowland

In memory of our mother, Peggy Joyce Newman

In memory of Chuck Zwiers

From William Kolts  and Joyce Heaton-Kolts

From Mike and Shelly Reiss

From the Talley Family

From Georgia Thurmond


Argosy Cruises’ contribution from The Christmas Ship Festival: $35,000

From Glassybaby: $47,258

From Charles Bates

From Derek and Phitsamai Colyn: $250

From Cheryl Cromer

From Bill and Dorian Ford

From Leslie Grace

In honor of foster children

In loving memory of Thelma W. Smith

In memory of Lonnie Short

In memory of Phyllis Topham

In memory of Raymond James Foran

In memory of Marian Patterson

In memory of Betsy D. Hood. Love Laura, Eric, and Emery

In memory of Curtis Alan Carpp, Father, Brother, Grandpa, Uncle

In memory of Luanne Chin

In memory of Rosalie Auster Ortner

In memory of David and Paul

In memory of Sandor Ernst Christ

In memory of John T. Williams

In memory of Rick Langley

In memory of Rosann Ruff

In memory of Francis Elizabeth Steele

From Ralph and Signe Lyshol

Proceeds from the Seattle Times Newsroom book sale: $7,047.19

From James Weston

From Judith Willison

Total to date: $1,416,413.31